Awakening is a second Class Evolution that grants the unit an increased level cap, new art, and a passive ability. Skills are not changed via Awakening, so players will not have to worry about skill levels resetting. Most units do not change their Unit Point cost when Awakened but there are few exceptions to this rule (refer to the table below for details).

Not all classes will receive their Awakenings immediately - they will be added over time.

Requirements Edit

  • The unit needs to be of Gold or higher rarity
  • The unit must be CCed and at max level (or max level for units without Class Evolution)
  • The unit needs to have 100% Affection/Trust

Cost Edit

  • All units need a Spirit of Awakening, Purchased from the Trading Post for 100 Demon Crystals
  • Either 200k, 250k or 300k gold, depending on if their rarity is Gold, Platinum or Black
  • 3 class-specific Gold Units or CCed Silver Units
  • Specific type and amount of Awakening Orbs, gathered in special Daily Missions. The amount needed vary between 1 for Gold, 2 for Platinum, and 3 for Black rarity and the Type depends on the Class (see table below). Special classes that don't class evolve require two types of orbs (same amount as above for both types).

Class-Specific Requirements Edit

Color coding

Classes in red have not yet been unlocked for awakening and are indicated for future reference. Any information for those classes is based on the japanese wiki and is subject to change by the time it is implemented on Nutaku

Classes in blue use different units on Nutaku than on DMM. These units may subsequently be changed to match the DMM version as more units are implemented. The unit(s) used on DMM are in those cases indicated between parantheses.

Ex : Ninjas use a Ninja, a Witch and a Valkyrie to awaken on DMM. On Nutaku the Ninja is replaced by a Rogue. In this case, you will therefore find the following text under 'Unit 1' : Rogue (Ninja)

CE Class Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Orbs AW Class Block Cost Notes
Soldier Chief Soldier Rogue Bandit Soldier Chief (Wednesday) Elite Soldier - - Can block up to 3 enemies.
Battle Master Heavy Infantry Heavy Infantry Soldier Battle Master (Thursday) Gigant Armor +1 +2 Can block up to 4 enemies.
Unicorn Knight Valkyrie Rogue Heavy Infantry Unicorn Knight (Tuesday) Brunhild - - Killing enemies generates unit points. Withdrawing recovers 100% of the unit's cost.
Assassin Rogue Bandit Samurai Assassin (Wednesday) Master Assassin - - Chance to avoid enemy attacks. Attack rarely causes instant death.
Berserker Bandit Samurai Pirate Berserker (Tuesday) Destroyer - - Increased attack against armored units.
Samurai Master Samurai Heavy Infantry Mage Samurai Master (Thursday) Shogun +1 +3 Can block up to 3 enemies and attack all blocked enemies.
Ninja Master Rogue (Ninja) Witch Valkyrie Ninja Master (Friday) Ultimate Ninja - -2 Can use projectiles to attack.
Pegasus Knight Valkyrie Heavy Infantry Mage Pegasus Knight (Tuesday) Pegasus Lord - - Can use skill to fly. Withdrawing recovers 100% of the unit's cost.
Advance Strategist Samurai Valkyrie Soldier Advance Strategist (Friday) Military Strategist - - Lowers the cost to deploy other units by 3. Can block up to 2 enemies and attack all blocked enemies.
Master Monk Rogue (Monk) Bandit Soldier Master Monk (Tuesday) Holy Fist - - Chance to avoid enemy attacks. Can block up to 2 enemies.
Arch Angel Valkyrie Samurai (Angel) Healer Arch Angel (Friday) Dominion - - Can use skill to lift seal for a certain time.
Rune Fencer Valkyrie (Magic Fencer) Mage (Ninja) Soldier Rune Fencer (Thursday) Rune Lord - - Ranged attack of 70% attack power that can't be deflected by high defense.
Master of Automata Heavy Infantry Monk Pirate Master of Automata (Thursday)(Sunday) Master of Powered Automata - - Can't be healed. Regenerates HP when idle.
Sailor Chief Soldier Ninja Mage Sailor Chief (Saturday)(Thursday) Sailor Elite - - Can block up to 1 enemy. Decrease enemy speed and do splash attack while using skill.
Battle Mage Heavy Infantry Heavy Infantry Mage Battle Mage (Saturday) Magical Infantry General +1 +3 Can block up to 4 enemies. Splash attack that ignores defense, only when skill is in use.
Priest Warrior Leader Soldier Healer Priest Warrior Priest Warrior Leader (Saturday) Divine Armor - - Can block up to 3 enemies. When not blocking enemies, can restore ally HP.
Dragon Knight Heavy Infantry Valkyrie Bandit Dragon Knight (Saturday) Dragon Lord - - Fully recover cost when withdrawing
Dark Knight Soldier Heavy Infantry Healer Dark Knight (Monday) Paladin - +1 Can block up to 2 enemies. Defense up when HP is reduced.
Bow Rider Chief Archer Archer Valkyrie Bow Rider Chief (Sunday) Elite Bow Rider - - All costs recovered at retreat. Arrows capable of long range. Attacks down 70% when blocked.
Class Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Orbs AW Class Block Cost Notes
Princess Soldier Valkyrie Witch Unicorn Knight (Tuesday) High Princess - - Attack that ignores defense.
Rune Fencer (Thursday)
Dragon Princess Heavy Samurai Dragon Soldier Rune Fencer (Thursday) True Dragon Warrior - - Attack that ignores defense.
Battle Master (Thursday)
Vampire Princess Valkyrie Witch Vampire Hunter Dark Knight (Monday) Vampire Queen - - Attack that ignores defense.
Vampire Killer (Thursday)
Immortal Princess Valkyrie Healer Vampire Hunter Priest (Monday) Immortal Queen - - Attack that ignores defense.
High Bishop (Wednesday)
Avenger Heavy Infantry Valkyrie Bandit Berserker (Tuesday) Death Avenger - - Damage up at 50% HP or lower
Master Monk (Tuesday)
Sword Master Bandit Samurai Magic Fencer Samurai Master (Thursday) Holy Swordsman - - Can use sword Secret Skill with skills
Ninja Master (Friday)
Fox Spirit Valkyrie Samurai Ninja Master Monk (Tuesday) Heavenly Fox - - Chance to avoid. Can attack all blocked units.
Samurai Master (Thursday)
Royal Guard Soldier Heavy Infantry Valkyrie Dark Knight (Monday) Royal Order - - Can block up to 2 enemies.
Unicorn Knight (Tuesday)
Vampire Lord Soldier Rogue Vampire Hunter Priest Warrior Leader (Saturday) Vampire High Lord - - Cannot recover HP. Will paralyze an enemy after several hits.
Advance Strategist (Friday)
CE Class Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Orbs AW Class Range Cost Notes
Sniper Archer Archer Pirate Sniper (Monday) Artemis - - Prioritizes flying units. Increased attack against flying units.
Warlock Mage Witch Samurai Warlock (Friday) Arch Mage - - Splash attack that ignores defense.
Priest Healer Healer Mage Priest (Monday) Saint - - Heals allies and hastens recovery from negative status effects.
Lode Witch Witch Witch Mage Lode Witch (Friday) Arch Witch - - Greatly slows enemies.
Vampire Killer Archer (Vampire Hunter) Witch Healer Vampire Killer (Thursday) Undead Killer - - Fires 3 arrows in one attack. Increased attack against undead units.
Captain Pirate Rogue Bandit Captain (Wednesday) King of the Pirates - - Prioritizes flying units.
High Bishop Mage Healer Archer High Bishop (Wednesday) Elder Bishop - - Splash attack that ignores defense.
High Shaman Witch Healer Archer High Shaman (Wednesday) Shaman Lord - - Slows enemies.
Rear Strategist Archer Mage (Ninja) Pirate Rear Strategist (Monday) Tactician +30 - Fires 2 arrows in one attack. Skill cooldown reduced by 30%.
Feng Shui Master Mage Healer Healer Feng Shui Master (Tuesday) Feng Shui Instructor - - 70% reduction to terrain effects. Reduces bad weather time by 50%. Heals up to 3 surrounding allies.
Top Dancer Valkyrie Ninja Healer Top Dancer (Saturday) Super Dancer - - Add 10% of your attack and defense value to the final values of surrounding allies.
Heavy Artillery Officer Archer (Artillery Officer) Mage Pirate Heavy Artillery Officer (Monday) Cannon Master +20 - Long range physical splash attack.
High Alchemist Priest Warrior Mage Artillery Officer High Alchemist (Sunday) Master Alchemist +20 - Attack or splash attacks which hit an enemy will reduce its defense in half for a set time.
High Ranger Archer Archer Ninja High Ranger (Sunday)(Saturday) Master Ranger +20 - Superior Trap Tokens are usable. Attack prioritizes flying units. No bad weather effects are felt.
Master Thief Rogue Bandit Ninja Master Thief (Sunday) Treasure Hunter +30 - Drop rate up by 5% except for units. Enemy offense and HP up by 1.3.
Curse Master Ninja Witch Bishop Curse Master (Sunday) Great Curse Master +20 - With enemies in range, attack is lowered and when their HP lost greatly, they can be defeated with one strike of your allies.
Dark High Priest Healer Angel Bishop Priest (Monday) Dark Cardinal - - When an enemy is within range, use a ranged attack that ignores defense. When there are no enemies within range, heals allies. Power does not decrease in Makai.
Class Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Orbs AW Class Range Cost Notes
Dragon Shaman Mage Healer Dragon Soldier Priest (Monday) Dragon Shaman Lord - -
High Shaman (Wednesday)
Summoner Mage Healer Witch Warlock (Friday) Summon Master +10 -
Top Dancer (Saturday)
Ying Yang Master Samurai Mage Witch Lode Witch (Friday) Yin Yang Chief - -
High Shaman (Wednesday)
Necromancer Archer Mage Witch Warlock (Friday) Hell Necromancer +30 -
High Alchemist (Sunday)
Druid Rogue Magic Fencer Bishop High Bishop (Wednesday) Elder Druid - - Can summon a token that heals allies. When a token is summoned, heal all allies for 500 HP. Can employ up to 5 Sacred Trees of Life. Attacks ignore defense.
Curse Master (Sunday)

Reverse List Edit

Below is a list of all classes and which classes require them for awakening.

Melee Edit

  • Soldier : Soldier, Heavy, Princess, Advance Guard, Monk, Magic Fencer, Sailor, Dark Fighter, Priest Warrior, Royal Guard, Vampire Lord
  • Dragon Soldier : Dragon Princess, Dragon Shaman
  • Heavy : Heavy (x2), Valkyrie, Samurai, Avenger, Pegasus Knight, Puppeteer, Dragon Princess, Mage Armor (x2), Dark Fighter, Dragon Rider, Royal Guard
  • Valkyrie : Valkyrie, Princess, Ninja, Avenger, Pegasus Knight, Advance Guard, Angel, Magic Fencer, Vampire Princess, Immortal Princess, Dancer, Dragon Rider, Fox Spirit, Bow Rider, Royal Guard
  • Rogue : Soldier, Valkyrie, Rogue, Ninja, Monk, Pirate, Thief, Vampire Lord
  • Princess : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Bandit : Soldier, Rogue, Bandit, Avenger, Monk, Pirate, Dragon Rider, Sword Master, Thief
  • Samurai : Rogue, Bandit, Samurai, Advance Guard, Angel, Mage, Ying Yang Master, Dragon Princess, Sword Master, Fox Spirit
  • Ninja : Sailor, Dancer, Ranger, Fox Spirit, Thief, Curse User
  • Avenger : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Pegasus Knight : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Advance Guard : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Monk : Puppeteer
  • Angel : None
  • Magic Fencer : Sword Master
  • Puppeteer : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Sailor : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Priest Warrior : Priest Warrior, Alchemist

Ranged Edit

  • Archer : Archer (x2), Vampire Hunter, Bishop, Shaman, Rear Guard, Artillery Officer, Necromancer, Ranger (x2), Bow Rider (x2)
  • Mage : Samurai, Pegasus Knight, Magic Fencer, Sailor, Mage, Healer, Witch, Bishop, Rear Guard, Summoner, Ying Yang Master, Feng Shui User, Artillery Officer, Dragon Shaman, Mage Armor, Necromancer, Alchemist
  • Healer : Angel, Healer (x2), Vampire Hunter, Bishop, Shaman, Summoner, Feng Shui User (x2), Dancer, Immortal Princess, Dragon Shaman, Dark Fighter, Priest Warrior
  • Witch : Princess, Ninja, Mage, Witch (x2), Vampire Hunter, Shaman, Summoner, Ying Yang Master, Vampire Princess, Necromancer, Curse User
  • Vampire Hunter : Vampire Princess, Immortal Princess, Vampire Lord
  • Pirate : Bandit, Puppeteer, Archer, Pirate, Rear Guard, Artillery Officer
  • Bishop : Curse User
  • Shaman : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Rear Guard : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Summoner : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Ying Yang Master : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Feng Shui User : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Dancer : None (NB : this continues to be true on the JPN version of the game)
  • Artillery Officer : Alchemist
  • Alchemist : None

Disclaimer: Some of this information was gathered from the Japanese wiki by people who don't speak Japanese well, so it could be wrong. If it is wrong, we take no responsibility for errors made.

Abilities Edit

All units gain certain passive effects upon awakening and in case of units that already had an ability an upgraded version of it. More information can be found on the page dedicated specifically to those.

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