Info (edit info)
Class name Master of Automata
New name Master of Powered Automata
Range +/− 0
Cost +/− 0
Required units (edit units)
Victoire Icon
Material 1
Bernard Icon
Leeanne Icon
Bernice Icon
Garrett Icon
CE IconCE Icon
Material 2
Dan Icon
Gina Icon
Momo Icon
CE Icon
Material 3
Giovanni Icon
Verotte Icon
Monica Icon
Maurette Icon
CE IconCE Icon
Required materials
Money Orbs
Platinum 250,000G 2 x Master of Automata orb
NOTE: If you wish to edit the materials used for awakening, that'd probably be in the AWMaterial sub pages. For example, AWMaterial/Archers, AWMaterial/Bandits, etc. Type 'em in the search bar and see what pops up.

If there is some kind of problem or bug with this template, please post it at the template talk page or at User:Illumini9's wall.

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