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Event Missions, officially known as Urgent/Emergency Missions, are missions that appear for a limited time. These make up a large majority of new content for the game. Each involves a set of maps with their own special conditions and stories. The goal of most events is to complete said conditions, and to obtain the best possible copy of the event's unit (most commonly of platinum rarity).

Event Types Edit

Star Rush Edit

An event type in which players must collect as many stars as possible from the Event Missions by fulfilling the usual objectives of the missions. For certain numbers of stars, players progress on the reward scale. These missions cost varying amounts of Charisma and Stamina.

Unit Farm Edit

An event type in which players must collect the Event Unit directly - by defeating it in the Maps it may drop itself, with a higher chance on later maps of the event. The player will need to collect many copies to increase Skill level and reduce UP cost.

Item Collection Edit

An event type in which players must collect a special kind of item from the Event Missions in large amounts. Said item allows players to progress on a reward scale. Note that due to the number of reward tiers available, players must spend Sacred Crystals in order to receive all of the rewards.

Gold Rush Edit

An event type in which players must obtain all the drops in the map to obtain completion rewards for each mission, similar to Story Missions. Said rewards are usually of gold rarity. The drop rates are generally low, so a large number of attempts is usually necessary for each mission.

Total Domination Edit

An event type in which players are pitted against large numbers of monsters. These take place on one map, but with different numbers of enemies depending on the difficulty chosen. These missions have no stars, and provide no Experience, Gold, or Unit drops. Even if the player runs out of lives, the number of monsters killed will simply be tallied, and it will not technically be a failure. This event type typically runs concurrently with another event type.

All units are healed (except non-healable units) by 1000 hp every 100 enemies defeated.

There are 2 different reward scales, one for most killed monsters in one try and another for total number of monsters killed during the event. The missions only cost Charisma to play.

Revival Edit

Repeats of old events, providing players with a chance to obtain missed units. The maps are largely the same as the original, potentially with minor changes. Unit Farm Revivals are no different from their original counterparts; players must collect copies of the event unit directly. In Star Rush and Item Collection Revivals however, players must farm Moment Crystals from the event maps, and use these crystals to purchase copies of the event unit from the Trading Post. This, of course, can make it far more difficult to perfect a unit.

Event History Edit

Events Table (2015)
Event Type Start Date End Date
The Witch Girl Unit Farm 03/13/2015 03/20/2015
Ryujin Invasion Star Rush 04/03/2015 04/17/2015
Return of the Dragon Princess Star Rush 04/28/2015 05/12/2015
Holy Warrior's Challenge Unit Farm 05/19/2015 05/26/2015
Vampire Bride Item Collection 06/16/2015 06/30/2015
Crisis of the Fairy Village Star Rush 07/14/2015 07/28/2015
Mystic Sorcery Unit Farm 09/08/2015 09/15/2015
Oni Summoning Sorceress Unit Farm 09/29/2015 10/06/2015
Heir to the Strategist Item Collection 10/13/2015 10/27/2015
Monk Training Grounds Unit Farm 10/27/2015 11/04/2015
The Summon Beast in the Earth Star Rush 11/04/2015 11/17/2015
Imprisoned Magic Swordswoman Unit Farm 11/17/2015 11/24/2015
Pride of the Beastwoman Unit Farm 11/24/2015 12/01/2015
Swordswoman of the Boiling Sands Star Rush 12/01/2015 12/15/2015
Ancient Automata Unit Farm 12/15/2015 12/22/2015
Gold Rush Gold Rush 12/28/2015 01/12/2016
Events Table (2016)
Event Type Start Date End Date
Ninja Army of Darkness Unit Farm 01/19/2016 01/26/2016
The Treacherous Pirate Star Rush 02/02/2016 02/16/2016
Sword of the Dragon Slayer Item Collection 02/23/2016 03/08/2016
ONI-Possessed Swordswoman Unit Farm 03/15/2016 03/22/2016
General of a Ruined Land Star Rush 03/29/2016 04/12/2016
Shadow Sniper Unit Farm 04/19/2016 04/26/2016
The Princess, The Bandits, and The Capital of Evil Spirits Item Collection 05/03/2016 05/17/2016
Spectral March Total Domination 05/17/2016 06/14/2016
Dance of Shadows Unit Farm 05/24/2016 05/31/2016
Daughter of the King of the Dead Star Rush 07/12/2016 07/26/2016
Warmaiden's Oath Unit Farm 08/16/2016 08/23/2016
The End of the Dark Knights Star Rush 08/30/2016 09/13/2016
The Road to Becoming the King of Bandits Unit Farm 09/20/2016 09/27/2016
Dragon Knight's Oath Unit Farm 10/18/2016 10/25/2016
The Druid Shrine Princess Star Rush 11/01/2016 11/15/2016
Two Saints Star Rush 11/22/2016 12/06/2016
The Alchemist and the Philosopher's Stone Unit Farm 12/13/2016 12/20/2016
Year End Gold Rush Gold Rush 12/27/2016 01/06/2017
Rural District Battle Total Domination 12/27/2016 01/24/2017

Current events Edit

Events Table (2017)
Event Type Start Date End Date
Vampire's Counterattack Star Rush 01/10/2017 01/24/2017
The Lethal Blade that Severed the Sky Star Rush 01/31/2017 02/14/2017
Great Yokai Battle Item Collection 02/21/2017 03/07/2017
Island of Monsters Total Domination 02/28/2017 03/28/2017
The Maze of the Demon King Star Rush 03/07/2017 03/21/2017
Fate of the Demonfolk Unit Farm 03/21/2017 03/28/2017
The Deadly Sword That Shook The Earth Star Rush 03/28/2017 04/11/2017
The Challenge of the Holy Hammer Warrior Unit Farm 04/11/2017 04/18/2017
Sleeping Desert Treasure Total Domination 04/18/2017 05/16/2017
Gold Rush 6 Gold Rush 04/28/2017 05/09/2017
The Dark Priest and the Pagan Altar Star Rush 05/09/2017 05/23/2017
Threat of the Dark Knights Unit Farm 05/23/2017 05/30/2017
The Feng Shui Master and the Crimson Cult Item Collection 05/30/2017 06/13/2017
A Thousand Demons in the Night Total Domination 06/06/2017 07/04/2017
The Trainee of the Cannoneer School Unit Farm 06/13/2017 06/20/2017
Gold Rush 7 Gold Rush 06/27/2017 07/04/2017
The Priestess Warrior and the Mithril Giants Item Collection 07/04/2017 07/18/2017
The Awakening of the Subterranean Ryujins Total Domination 07/11/2017 08/08/2017
The Fallen Angel's Seal Unit Farm 07/18/2017 07/25/2017
The Dark Knight and the Guardian of the Holy Forest Star Rush 07/25/2017 08/08/2017
Katie's War Games Total Domination 08/18/2017 09/12/2017
The Ship of the Dead and the Admiral's Determination Unit Farm 08/22/2017 08/29/2017
The Undead Dragon and the Magic Priestess' Revenge Item Collection 08/29/2017 09/12/2017
The Imperial Pegasus Knight Unit Farm 09/12/2017 09/19/2017
The Dark Knight Clan and the Imperiled Healer Unit Farm 09/26/2017 10/03/2017
The Dark Guild's Servant Star Rush 10/03/2017 10/17/2017
Anna's Great Adventure Hybrid 10/17/2017 10/31/2017
Story Missions and Challenge Quests End of all services 10/31/2017 12/26/2017

Revived EventsEdit

Revivals Table (2016-2017)
Event Type Start Date End Date Original
The Witch Girl Unit Farm 10/04/16 10/11/16 03/13/15
Holy Warrior's Challenge Unit Farm 11/15/16 11/22/16 05/19/15
Ryujin Invasion Star Rush 12/06/16 12/13/16 04/03/15
Return of the Dragon Princess Star Rush 12/20/16 12/27/16 04/28/15
Mystic Sorcery Unit Farm 01/24/17 01/31/17 09/08/15
Vampire Bride Item Collection 02/14/17 02/21/17 06/16/15
Oni Summoning Sorceress Unit Farm 03/14/17 03/21/17 09/29/15
Crisis of the Fairy Village Star Rush 04/04/17 04/11/17 07/14/15
Monk Training Grounds Unit Farm 05/16/17 05/23/17 10/27/15
The Summon Beast in the Earth Star Rush 08/01/17 08/08/17 11/04/15
Pride of the Beastwoman Unit Farm 08/08/17 08/18/17 11/24/15
Imprisoned Magic Swordswoman Unit Farm 09/05/17 09/12/17 11/17/15
Ancient Automata Unit Farm 10/10/17 10/17/17 12/15/15
Ninja Army of Darkness Unit Farm 10/24/2017 10/31/17 01/19/16