General of a Ruined Land

General of a Ruined Land (亡国の将) is a star rush urgent mission running from 3/29/16 to 4/12/16.

The story follows Shuka, a General of a country that had been destroyed by a monster invasion. After fleeing through the desert with her servant Shao, they are discovered by a pursuing monster scouting party. As they prepare to make a stand they are spotted by Anna, and the Prince's group rushes to their aid. Shuka is haunted by the destruction of her homeland and deaths of her fellow countrymen, and vows to get her revenge as the monsters' main force approaches...

Rewards Edit

This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars. Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward Condition Reward
Earn 5 stars Shao Earn 5 stars Gold Armor
Earn 6 stars Shao's Cost -1 Earn 6 stars Demon Crystal x3
Earn 7 stars Shao's Initial Level 20 Earn 7 stars Gold Armor
Earn 8 stars Shao's Cost -1 (-2) Earn 8 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 9 stars Shao's Initial Level 30 Earn 9 stars Gold Armor
Earn 10 stars Shao's Cost -1 (-3) Earn 10 stars Demon Crystal x5
Earn 11 stars Shao's Initial Level 40 Earn 12 stars Gold Armor
Earn 12 stars Shao's Cost -1 (-4) Earn 14 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 13 stars Shao's Initial Level 50 Earn 16 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 14 stars Shao's Cost -1 (-5) Earn 19 stars Demon Crystal x7
Earn 15 stars Shuka Earn 22 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 16 stars Shuka's Initial Level 20 Earn 23 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 17 stars Shuka's Cost -1 Earn 24 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 18 stars Shuka's Initial Level 30
Earn 19 stars Shuka's Cost -1 (-2)
Earn 20 stars Shuka's Skill +1 (2/5)
Earn 21 stars Shuka's Cost -1 (-3)
Earn 22 stars Shuka's Skill +1 (3/5)
Earn 23 stars Shuka's Cost -1 (-4)
Earn 24 stars Shuka's Cost -1 (-5)

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
Runaways From Another Land 20 120 1050 10 8 Rosalie lv8 2x Desert Soldier lv8
1 10 17 - -
Demon Blitz 30 150 1500 10 8 Elaine lv10 2x Leo lv10
1 10 24 - -
Bull Demon 40 170 1500 10 9 Soma lv10 Bernard lv10
3 10 27 2x Spirit of Copper -
Shadow Sorcery 40 180 1800 10 9 Mortimer lv12 Verotte lv12
4 10 23 Spirit of Silver Demon Crystal
Desert Battle: X 50 200 2250 10 10 Christopher lv14 Sanosuke lv14
5 10 41 2x Spirit of Platinum -
Desert Brigands 30 160 1350 10 8 Harissa lv10 2x Bergan lv10
2 10 31 Ruby -
Blue Giants: X 60 220 2700 10 10 Assal lv14 Pallis lv14
5 10 32 Spirit of Platinum Spirit of Black
Final Vengeance: G 100 200 1500 10 10 Demon Crystalx1 Demon Crystalx2
2 10 39 Demon Crystalx3 Completion: Platinum Armor
Chaotic Battlefield: G 100 200 1500 10 10 Spirit of Gold Spirit of Platinum
2 1 37 Spirit of Black Completion: Spirit of Rainbow

Drop RatesEdit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial and come from 2 sites: first and second

Map Drops
Runaways From Another Land Rosalie (10%) Desert Soldier (2x70%) - -
Demon Blitz Elaine (10%) Leo (2x70%) - -
Bull Demon Soma (10%) Bernard (10%) Spirit of Copper (2x70%) -
Shadow Sorcery Mortimer (10%) Verotte (10%) Spirit of Silver (60%) Demon Crystal (70%)
Desert Battle: X Christopher (10%) Sanosuke (10%) Spirit of Platinum (2x40%) -
Desert Brigands Harissa (10%) Bergan (2x70%) Ruby (10%) -
Blue Giants: X Assal (10%) Pallis (10%) Spirit of Platinum (50%) Spirit of Black (10%)
Final Vengeance: G Demon Crystalx1 (60%) Demon Crystalx2 (50%) Demon Crystalx3 (50%) -
Chaotic Battlefield: G Spirit of Gold (50%)* Spirit of Platinum (10%)* Spirit of Black (5%)* -

*First drop is guaranteed

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy damage and HP are scaled depending on the mission:

Map Strength Special Case
Runaways From Another Land 80% none
Demon Blitz 85% Green Cyclops at 68%
Bull Demon 90% none
Shadow Sorcery 95% Red Cyclops at 85.5%, Black Cyclops at 76%
Desert Battle: X 95% none
Desert Brigands 105% none
Blue Giants: X 95% none
Final Vengeance: G 100% none
Chaotic Battlefield: G 105% none

New Edit

Enemy Unit
Bull-Head (Main Body)
Physical 12000 730 300
MR 30
Initial: 30
3 UP
Bull-Head (Shadow)
Bull-Head (Shadow)
Physical - 550 - 161
Initial: 30
? UP
Does not take damage; dies when Main Body dies.
Bull-Head Devil King
Bull-Head Devil King (Main Body)
Physical 40000 1200 600
MR 30
Initial: 30
3 UP
Bull-Head Devil King (Shadow)
Bull-Head Devil King (Shadow)
Physical - 700 - 161
Initial: 30
Does not take damage; dies when Main Body dies.
Bull-Head Devil King
Bull-Head Devil King (Shadow Max Power)
Physical - 700 - 131
Initial: 70
Does not take damage; dies when Main Body dies. Looks identical to the main body.
Blue Oni
Blue Cyclops
Ranged (108) Magic 9000 350 200 133
Initial: 48
Move: 61
Missile: 8
2 UP
Attacks all enemies in range.

Returning Edit

Enemy Unit
Red Goblin Wolf Rider
Red Goblin Wolf Rider
Ranged (173)
Physical 2100 400 100 101
Initial: 20
Move: 61
Missile: 2
1 UP
Mummy King
Mummy King
Physical 10000 500 250
MR 30
Initial: 30
1 UP
HP below 50%: ATK x2

HP below 25%: ATK x3

Green Oni
Green Cyclops
Melee Physical 6000 1000 100 241
Initial: 100
1 UP
Red Oni
Red Cyclops
Melee Physical 12000 1500 200 241
Initial: 100
1 UP
Black Oni
Black Cyclops
Melee Physical 20000 2000 300 241
Initial: 100
2 UP

30000 2500 400
? UP
Has an aura.

Dialogue Edit

Runaways From Another Land

???: Shuka! Someone's following you! This way please!

Shuka: Shao! Let go! I'm done with running away!

Anna: Prince! The monsters are attacking people over there! Let's go!

Shuka and Shao's Introductions

Shuka: My name is Shuka. We ran away, and those monsters were scouts looking for us.

Shuka: I hate to say it, but our country suffered an invasion by those monsters, and was destroyed.

Shuka: Needless to say I wanted to fight to the bitter end, but my servant Shao kept nagging me not to fight, so I've been living in disgrace.

Shuka: I can't take it anymore, though. Maybe it's misplaced, but I'm going to take revenge on the monsters that took my homeland, or else I won't be able to face my slain countrymen.

Shuka: The monsters' main force will arrive here soon. The final battle is near. I will fight to my last breath, and take as many of them with me as I can.

Shuka: This is my battle. I'm grateful for your help, but now you need to keep out of this.

Shuka: Please... I don't want you to die in my place. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Shao: I am Shuka's servant, Shao. Thank you for your help. And, I am sorry.

Shao: Shuka and I fled all this way from a nation on the other side of the great desert.

Shao: It wasn't easy to persuade her to come when she was ready to face an army of monsters by herself...

Shao: Now she lives only to take revenge for the destruction of our homeland...

Shao: My master is resourceful, and a skilled warrior. Still, if she keeps throwing herself into battle like this, she will lose her life sooner or later.

Shao: I know she's going to put herself on the front lines in future battles.

Shao: And the monsters that conquered our homeland are so powerful that even a warrior as great as Shuka will be in danger.

Shao: As her servant, I have a duty to protect her, but... I'm all too aware that I'm not powerful enough.

Shao: I know it's selfish to ask this, but please... I want you to save Shuka.

Shao: She used to be so kind and strong. I can still remember her always telling us that working together would make us strong.

Shao: She could become the Shuka she once was...! Prince, please, I beg of you...!

Demon Blitz

Soldier: Sir, we've received a report. Enemy units are approaching, and they are heading straight here.

Shao: They're the giants who invaded our country!

Shao: The main force was unleashed and broke through the castle walls.

Shao: This may be too much even for Shuka!

Anna: It's okay, we'll protect you. Let us handle this.

(All enemies defeated)

Shuka: I thought I told you to stay out of this!

Anna: What're you getting mad for? We were able to win because we worked together.

Shuka: It doesn't matter if I win or lose! I MUST defeat the monsters who destroyed our homeland by myself!

Anna: How can you say it doesn't matter if you lose?

Anna: Do you truly think you have nothing to lose?

Anna: Don't forget that there are people who worry about you.

Shuka: Shut up! Don't act like you know what you're talking about...!

Shao: Shuka...

Bull Demon

???: Hehehehe...

Shuka: You're the one who killed His Majesty... Come here so I can kill you.

Bull-Headed Demon(A): They're finally giving chase. No need to wait for the main force. I'll annihilate all the fallen kingdom's survivors.

(All enemies defeated)

Bull-Headed Demon(A): Hehehe... Not bad. I think that's enough for today.

Shuka: Stop...! Fight me!!

Shadow Sorcery

Shuka: I will give my life to avenge His Majesty!

Anna: You're still saying that?!

Anna: If you really want to win this you need to stop trying to throw your life away.

Shuka: ...

Shao: Shuka...

(Bulls appear)

Bull-Headed Demon(A): Hehehe... Behold my dark sorcery. Arise, shadows. Destroy the enemy.

Soldier: Sir! The bull-headed creatures have increased in number!

Anna: What do you mean they've "increased in number"?!

Shuka: Don't be fooled! He's using magic to create shadows. Our attacks won't affect them.

Shuka: But if we defeat the real one they'll vanish. Concentrate your attacks on the real one before we have any more problems.

Anna: I see. I'll send a runner. Everyone concentrate on the real one.

Shuka: We need your help to win this. Please, join us.

(All enemies defeated)

Shuka: Forgive me, Prince. Shao and I weren't enough to defeat them...

Anna: Don't worry. It's thanks to your advice that we were able to win.

Shuka: My advice...? I was so ready to die in the fight that I forgot something important.

Shuka: An army's strength comes from its unity, the ability to work together. That was where my idea came from. Shao, you opened my eyes. I'm sorry.

Shao: Shuka...

Desert Battle: X

Bull-Headed Demon(A): It seems you caught on to my little trick. Time to go all-out!

Anna: He's making more shadows, and there are more enemies! It's going to be all-out war.

Shuka: But if we can put pressure on them here, it should delay their reinforcements as well.

Shuka: This is it, everyone! This is where we crush the enemy!

(All enemies defeated)

Anna: Looks like we defeated them all.

Shuka: But that's not the last of the ones who destroyed my homeland.

Shuka: They have more powerful horrors waiting. My fight won't end until I deal with them.

Shao: Shuka...

Anna: So can we continue this alliance until we defeat the monsters?

Shuka: Thank you...

Anna: Prince, there's no telling when more enemy reinforcements will arrive. We should prepare for battle.

Desert Brigands

Bandit: Move it, lads! There's a village the monsters haven't attacked yet up ahead!

Shuka: Stop. What are you planning to do in that village?

Bandit: Are you stupid or what? Is there something else you do in an abandoned village besides stealing whatever isn't nailed down?

Shuka: Taking advantage of the chaos, huh? This isn't my country, but I can't let you threaten these people's livelihoods.

Anna: I quite agree. Do you really think we'll just stand by?

Bandit: So that's how it is, eh? No mercy! Get them!

Blue Giants: X

Anna: We have a problem! A group of giants is heading this way!

Shuka: They seem to be trying to slow down our pursuit...

Shuka: But we have strong allies. Let's show them what we're made of!

(Blue giant appears)

Shuka: Those blue giants don't seem to be carrying any weapons? I've never seen the like before...

Shuka: We don't know what we're dealing with yet, so be careful. Watch out for the blue giant's movements!

Final Vengeance: G

???: GRAAAH!! You... You killed my cute brother!

Shuka: Brother? Cute? Who're you talking about? Because I never saw anyone like that!

Shao: Shuka... Do you think he's talking about that black bull-headed creature?

Bull-Headed Demon(B): You'll pay for what you did! I'll smash you to bits!

Shuka: I know all too well how revenge can cloud your vision...

Shuka: I want to fight not as a bloodthirsty avenger, but as a leader.

(Bulls appear)

Bull-Headed Demon(B): I'll crush you! I'll destroy you! For my brother!!!

Shuka: As with the younger one, we should be able to eliminate the shadows if we defeat the main one. Concentrate your attacks there!

(All enemies defeated)

Shuka: We won...

Shuka: He must've been the leader of the pursuers. That means we can relax for the moment.

Shuka: Thanks to you I was able to defeat the monsters that destroyed my homeland and conquer my lust for revenge.

Shuka: I'm glad I met you. Thank you, so much.

Shuka: Thank you...

Shao: Shuka...

Anna: I'm glad we were able to help even with the monster coming after you, Prince...

Chaotic Battlefield: G

Bull-Headed Demon(B): I will... Avenge... My brother...!

Bull-Headed Demon(B): This is my greatest sorcery! I will destroy you all! DIE! DIE!!!

Soldier: Sir! That creature is sending out shadows again, but we can no longer tell them apart!

Anna: We should at least be able to tell shadows from the real thing when our attacks connect, but...

Anna: Anyway, we'll just have to look for the real one. We can't let any more invaders get in! Prince, prepare for battle!

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