Heir to the Strategist

Heir to the Strategist (軍師の後継者) is a collection based urgent mission that ran 13-27 October 2015.

The story revolves around Len, the daughter of a famous strategist who once served in their homeland. The pair was attacked by monsters, and Len barely escaped with her life, at the cost of her father's. She enlists the Prince to retrieve her father's Strategy Book, but the monsters seem to be learning from it...

Note about the event: For those of you that participated in Vampire Bride, don't let the 700 drops fool you: the drop rate is much lower, so players will potentially have to dish out far more SC than they did for Karma.

Rewards Edit

Players must collect strategy book drops from the available maps. The total number of strategy books determines the reward.

Strategy Book Reward
0 -
30 Air Strategist Len
50 Level 10
70 Level 20
100 Level 30
150 Level 35
200 +1 skill (2/5)
250 -1 cost (-1)
300 -1 cost (-2)
350 +1 skill (3/5)
400 +1 skill (4/5)
450 -1 cost (-3)
500 +1 skill (5/5)
600 -1 cost (-4)
700 -1 cost (-5)

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Max Books
Sta Life Enemies
Encounter 30 150 1200 5 8 Strategy Book (1) Bouquet 1
1 10 40 - -
Feint 35 200 1500 5 8 Strategy Book (1) Bouquet 1
2 10 56 - -
Ambush 40 250 1800 5 8 Strategy Book (1) Strategy Book (2) 3
4 10 52 Demon Crystal (2) -
Siege 60 400 3750 5 8 Strategy Book (1) x3 Strategy Book (3) 6
6 10 67 Sanosuke lv9 -
War of Attrition 40 250 1800 10 8 Strategy Book (1) x2 Strategy Book (2) 4
4 15 101 Beer x2 -
War of Maneuvers 60 300 3000 15 8 Strategy Book (1) x3 Strategy Book (2) 5
5 15 55 Bernard lv4 -
Ranged War 60 400 3750 15 8 Strategy Book (2) x2 Strategy Book (3) 7
6 15 51 Table Wine Crystal
Total War X 60 450 4500 30 8 Strategy Book (2) Strategy Book (3) x2 8
8 10 51 Choice Sake Lauren lv9

Drop rates Edit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial and come from here

Map Drops
Encounter Strategy Book (30%)* Bouquet (50%) - -
Feint Strategy Book(100%) Bouquet (70%) - -
Ambush Strategy Book (50%) 2x Strategy Book (100%) 2x Demon Crystal (70%) -
Siege Strategy Book (3x40%) 3x Strategy Book (100%) Sanosuke (10%) -
War of Attrition Strategy Book (2x30%) 2x Strategy Book (100%) Beer (2x60%) -
War of Maneuvers Strategy Book (3x50%) 2x Strategy Book (100%) Bernard (10%) -
Ranged War 2x Strategy Book (2x35%) 3x Strategy Book (100%) Table Wine (80%) Crystal (80%)
Total War X 2x Strategy Book (25%) 3x Strategy Book (2x100%) Choice Sake (100%) Lauren (12%)

*First drop in this map is guaranteed.

Special Enemies Edit

Name Type Damage Est. HP Est. ATK Est. DEF Remarks
Melee Physical 2200 385 150
Goblin Archer (Black)
Ranged Physical 1980 (Map 7)
2160 (Map 8)
450 50 Attacks Quickly

When it gets in range,
stands still and shoots

Goblin Mage (Black)
Ranged Magical 1620 (Map 6)
1980 (Map 7)
2160 (Map 8)
350 50 Lich attack
Goblin Rider
Ranged Physical 1080 (Map 6)
1320 (Map 7)
1440 (Map 8)
250 50 Moves Quickly
Goblin Rider (Red)
Ranged Physical 1890 (Map 6)
2310 (Map 7)
2520 (Map 8)
400 100 Moves Quickly
Goblin King (Red)
Melee Physical 7200 (Map 5)
7200 (Map 6)
9600 (Map 8)
342 (Map 5)
342 (Map 6)
456(Map 8)

50 MR

Attacks Quickly
Goblin King (Black)
Melee Physical 14400 (Map 8) 660 (Map 8) 200

50 MR

Attacks Quickly

Story Text Edit


Len: I've finally made it to a human village... It's because of you, father, that I was able to make a narrow escape.

Monster: Found her! The King is calling you!

Len: I almost made it...


Anna: Prince, the traveler attacked by monsters wishes an audience with you.

Len's introduction

Len: Pleased to meet you. I am Len.

Len: My father and I traveled to this country to assist the prince.

Len: My father was skilled in the art of war and tactics and he served for many years as the chief strategist of our former homeland.

Len: In recent years he's been in hiding, but he never stopped researching military strategy and he thought he could help the prince...

Len: However, several days ago we were attacked by monsters. My father lost his life, and I survived. Certainly one so inexperienced as I would be of no help to the prince.

Len: I was supposed to protect my father with my own life... My apologies.

Len: What's weighing on my mind is that the monsters stole the only copy of "Strategy book", a book written by my father...

Len: I don't believe writing has any value to the monsters, but now they have my beloved father's memento... Is there any way you could get it back for me?


Soldier: A group of monsters draws near!

Anna: Prince, prepare to engage them!

Anna: What do those monsters want to steal a book about strategy, anyway?

Anna: Could it be they also plan to study the art of war?

Len: The directed movements of those monsters... I have a bad feeling about this.


Anna: The enemy detachment has invaded the town.

Anna: We have to repel them, without a moment to spare!

Len: Prince, impatience is forbidden. There may be a hidden ambush.

Len: It is vital to reserve our troop strength in order to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Be on your guard.


Anna: The monsters' movements this time... I feel like they're different than before.

Len: It seems they have a capable commander. If we continue to fight pointlessly the damage will only spread...

Len: Let's engage them at the stronghold.

War of Attrition

Len: The enemies will attack in great numbers. There also seem to be many flying enemies. Please be careful.


Len: That you could repel this large force... It's impressive. The enemy is beginning to retreat. Prepare to pursue.

War of Maneuvers

Len: It seems the enemy was able to gather units with excellent mobility.

Len: No matter how fast they are, if we can predict their route of invasion we have nothing to fear.

Ranged War

Len: It seems the enemy was able to gather units only using projectile weapons.

Len: Let's get the enemies' attention with troops in thick armor then answer their attack with projectile weapons of our own.

Total War X

Len: This appears to be the enemies' base. The master of the monsters who stole the strategy book may appear.


Len: The monster just now... It was who attacked my father and I.

Len: That you not only returned the book, but also avenged my father...

Len: From this I will learn strategy like my father before me, to become of use to you, Prince. Len: Now then, I happily await the day that we can meet again.

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