Holy Warrior Challenge

Holy Warrior's Challenge (聖戦士の挑戦) is a farming-type Urgent Mission that originally ran from May 19, 2015 to May 26, 2015. The plot revolves around Maribel, a warrior of the Goddess Aigis who, upon meeting the Prince, decides to test him in order to see if he is worthy of her trust.

This event received a revival on:

  • November 15, 2016 ~ November 22, 2016

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
First Battle 20 150 750 10 8 Crave lv1 Bergan lv1
1 10 22 Bandit Minion lv1 Bouquet
Iron Ball & Armor 25 300 1125 10 8 Maribel lv1 Cecily lv1
2 10 40 Soldier (Bow) lv1 Bouquet
Spirit Armor 30 350 1500 15 8 Valerie lv1 Soma lv1
2 10 66 Soldier (Magic) lv1 Bouquet
Lines of Armor 35 400 1875 20 8 Maribel lv1 Calliope lv1
3 10 45 Soldier (Unit) lv1 Bouquet
Lines of Armor 2 60 500 4500 20 8 Maribel lv1 Leeanne lv1
6 10 95 Russell lv1 Ruby

Her first defeat in map 4 is a guaranteed drop.

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Platinum Armor Enemy
Platinum Armor
Physical 7000 700 400 151
Initial: 36
2 UP
Pink Heavy Armor
Pink Armor
Ranged (187)
Splash 133
2000 450 200 301
Initial: 120
Move: 181
Missile: 5
2 UP
Spirit Armor
Spirit Armor
Ranged (9)
Undead Armored
Magic 1200 400 2000 142
Initial: 36
Move: 61
Missile: instant
1 UP

Dialogue Edit

First Battle

Maribel: I am led by the command of the Goddess... You are the Prince chosen by the Goddess? ...Then show me your true power!


Maribel: It seems you weren't lying about being chosen. But I won't go easy on you from here out.

Maribel: If you desire me, then you must fight to the end.

Maribel's Introduction

Maribel: The name is Maribel, greetings, Prince.

Maribel: I have been led here by the word of the Goddess. It would seem that it is no lie that you were chosen by the Goddess.

Maribel: As a Holy Knight, I have no ill intent towards you. Indeed, you might say I am your ally.

Maribel: However, I do not yet approve of you. That just now was merely a trial. It won't be so easy next time.

Maribel: As the Goddess' chosen one you will surely have Divine Protection... But that alone will not suffice.

Maribel: If you can complete all the trials I give you, I will aknowledge your strength and join you.

Maribel: This is my challenge to you. If you think yourself ready, show me what you've got!

Iron Ball & Armor

Maribel: If you think using magic from afar will make heavy infantry easy... You're in for some serious hurt.

Spirit Armor

Maribel: Warriors left with regrets refuse to die and sometimes wander the battlefield... These ghosts don't always follow the roads.

Lines of Armor

Maribel: You're stronger than the rumors say. It may be time to take you seriously.

Lines of Armor 2

Maribel: Well, looks like that's all the trials. You've all proven your worth. I am happy to lend you my hand.

Maribel: Hmm? You haven't had enough? Well then, let's get to it. Allow me to show you my true strength.

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