Hopeless Castle Town
Hopeless Castle Town
Mission Type Story Mission
Charisma Cost 56
EXP 820
Base Gold (3★ Gold) 2920 (4380)
Life 5
Initial Unit Points 10
Deployed Unit Limit 10
Number of Enemies 30
Prerequisite Return the field!
Unlocks Wind God Conquest
The Prince and company arrive
at the castle town. They do not know
that hopelessness awaits them.


Hopeless Castle Town is the fourth mission in the Eastern chapter of Story Missions.

Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Preta ×15
Physical 1820 598 250
MR 20
Initial: 12
1 UP
Ochimusha Swordsman
Ochimusha Swordsman ×8
Physical 6500 910 250
MR 10
Initial: 36
1 UP
When HP reaches 50% gains an aura, attack speed, move speed, defense, and magic resistance increase, and assassination rate decreases.
MR 20
Initial: 16
1 UP
Crow Tengu
Crow Tengu (without staff) ×6
- 2000 - 250
MR 40
- 900
1 UP
Crow Tengu (with staff)
Crow Tengu (with staff) ×1
Ranged (181)
Magic 2000 1500 250
MR 40
Initial: 32
Move: 31
Missile: 4
1 UP
After attacking once, changes to Crow Tengu (without staff) which cannot attack again.

Dialogue Edit

Hopeless Castle Town

Fudo: Wait up, foreigners.

Anna: Huh!? Wh-Who are you...?

Fudo: I am just a simple monk. I only passed here by chance.

Fudo: But meeting by chance is always fate. I thought I'd give you a little advice.

Fudo: You should not go to the castle town ahead... Only hell awaits you there.

Anna: Huh? You mean the town right over there? Moreover... are you from that town? Just what is happening around here right now!?

Fudo: I'm afraid it has nothing to do with me...

Fudo: I have the skills to help the living, but there is nothing I can do for the dead. Now if you'll excuse me!

Anna: Ah... He left. What a strange person, don't you think?

Hayate: He's a hermit. A so-called monk. He's probably staying out of earthly affairs.

Hayate: But he mentioned hell... Perhaps the castle town has fallen into the hands of the mononoke as well...

Anna: So of course we must help! Isn't that right, Prince?

(Ochimusha appear)

Anna: A person is being controlled? No, but... Who is that!?

Kazuha: Good! A-Are you... alive?

Anna: Ah!! Are you okay?

Kazuha: Yeah, I'm fine. But this town is already a base for many undead.

Anna: The undead? S-So that means that all of them...!?

Kazuha: They've lost their lives and are now being controlled.

Kazuha: The only way to release them is to pierce their still-beating dead hearts. There is no other way.

Anna: Oh no! B-but... If they're being controlled, isn't there some way to save them?

Anna: Aigis!

Aigis: Unfortunately, that is impossible.

Anna: Oh...! Even with your power, Aigis?

Aigis: Their bodies are already dead. There is only one thing to do. That is to let their souls be at peace...

Anna: It's sad, but we must fight. Prince!


Fallen Warrior: Not yet... not yet...!

Fallen Warrior: Can't die yet... The princess is in the castle...

Hayate: Huh!? You, it can't be!

Hayate: Even if their bodies are controlled... Their hearts were still as in life even though they were dead. They still gave their all to their master.

Hayate: And thus these are the warriors that give our country pride...

Anna: The princess... in the capital?

Kazuha: That must be the samurai princess, Shizuka.

Kazuha: I have never served in a castle, so I haven't met her, but...

Kazuha: She is a samurai and holds the throne as princess. She is the first of her kind in this country.

Hayate: Whoa! Wow... This is the capital of the east!! The Eastern Capital... Wow...

Anna: Hayate? Do you know her? This Samurai Princess?

Hayate: Hmm, the inro left in that pond. It bears the seal of the shogunate family.

Anna: Wh-Whaaat? Wh-What does this mean?

Hayate: I don't know exactly. However, the shogunate was somehow involved in the poisoning of that lake...

Drops Edit

Ninja (Unit) Icon
Ninja Lv. 25
Maullo Icon
Maullo Lv. 25
Yojiro Icon
Yojiro Lv. 25
Fudo Icon
Number of Drops 1 2 3
EXP 160 190 190+30

All the Yojiros are dropped by ochimusha. The ones with drops spawn between spots B and C, between E and F, and on the lower road the leads to I. Maullos are dropped by the second and fourth Tengu (second of respective pairs). The Ninja drops from the fifth Tengu (which is the one with the staff).

Video Guides Edit

Sennen War

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