Imprisoned Magic Swordswoman

Imprisoned Magic Swordswoman (囚われの魔法剣士) is a farming-type Urgent Mission running from November 17, 2015 to November 24, 2015.

The plot revolves around Charlotte, a magic swordswoman who is being pupeteered by the King of the Dead, a lich who controls the dead and the (captured) living alike as he invades the lands with his army.

This event received a revival from 9/5/17 to 9/12/17.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
20 150 750 10 8
Charlotte Icon
Charlotte lv1
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
1 10 19
Bouquet -
Undead Warriors
30 300 1125 10 8
Charlotte Icon
Charlotte lv3
Misha Icon
Misha* lv3
2 10 23
Roy Icon
Roy lv3
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
Fierce Battle
40 350 1500 15 8
Charlotte Icon
Charlotte lv6
Valerie Icon
Valerie lv6
3 10 38
Table Wine
Table Wine
King of the Dead
50 400 1875 20 8
Charlotte Icon
Charlotte lv10
Pallis Icon
Pallis lv10
5 10 33
Calliope Icon
Calliope lv10
Demon Crystal ×2 Icon
Demon Crystal x2
Final Battle X
決戦 極級
70 500 4500 20 8
Charlotte Icon
Charlotte lv13
Pallis Icon
Pallis lv13
7 10 49
Christopher Icon
Christopher lv13
  • Originally, Misha was replaced with Elaine due to the former being an unimplemented unit. With the revival, this change has been reverted.

Drop Rates Edit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial and come from revival.

Map Drops
Invasion Charlotte lv1 (1%) Demon Crystal (50%) Bouquet (50%) -
Undead Warriors Charlotte lv3 (5%) Misha lv3 (10%) Roy lv3 (50%) Demon Crystal (60%)
Fierce Battle Charlotte lv6 (10%) Valerie lv6 (10%) Beer (60%) Table Wine (30%)
King of the Dead Charlotte lv10 (27%) Pallis lv10 (10%) Calliope lv10 (10%) Demon Crystal x2 (60%)
Final Battle X Charlotte lv13 (50%) Pallis lv13 (13%) Christopher lv13 (13%) Crystal (100%)

Special Enemies Edit

Name Type Damage Est. HP Est. ATK Est. DEF Remarks
Ranged Physical 5000 (Map 4)

6000 (Map 5)

300 (Blocked)
150 (Not Blocked)
150 Ranged physical
Magical 350 (Blocked)
175 (Not Blocked)
Has aura
Ranged magical
Ranged Magical 900 (Map 4)
1080 (Map 5)
300 20 Splash attack
Ranged Physical 600 (Map 1)
640 (Map 2)
720 (Map 3)
800 (Map 4)
960 (Map 5)
250 50
Skeleton Lancer
Skeleton Lancer
Melee Physical 2400 (Map 2)
2700 (Map 3)
3000 (Map 4)
3600 (Map 5)
480 (Map 2)
540 (Map 3)
600 (Map 4)
720 (Map 5)
King of the Dead
Lich King
Ranged Magical 13000 (Map 4) 700 350 Moves slowly

Single target, long range

18000 (Map 5) 1200 500 Has aura

Story Text Edit


Soldier: Prince, the skeletons are... A group of moving skeletons draws near!

Anna: Prince, let us engage them.

(All Skeleton Soldiers defeated)

King of the Dead: Not bad. There were some humans captured recently, correct? Put them on the front lines.

King of the Dead: Now, you humans can kill each other! You needn't worry if you die, see? With my magical power, I will make the dead fight, too!

Charlotte: What's this? My body is moving on its own!? Someone help!

Charlotte: Aah, what's going on! My body is being puppeted by the monsters!

Charlotte: It's dangerous, so run away! Despite my appearance I'm really strong!


Anna: Thank goodness... Somehow, the monster who controls skeletons didn't appear.

King of the Dead's Introduction

Anna: Among the monsters, there is one who can control humans and the bodies of those that died on the battlefield with magical power.

Anna: And as his magical power increases he can control greater numbers...

Anna: We have reports that many skeleton soldiers have already crossed the border and are invading. An enemy that controls number this large...

Anna: He may be stronger than any monster we've ever fought. Prince please guide us.

Undead Warriors

Anna: The enemies are coming closer! Prepare to engage them!

King of the Dead: Hahaha, now kill each other!

Charlotte: Ah! My body is moving on its own again!

Fierce Battle

King of the Dead: Humans, give up your useless resistance.

King of the Dead: Now, put the humans at the front! Let them kill each other!

Charlotte: No... Rather than kill I want to love! I don't want to die without knowing love!

King of the Dead

King of the Dead: Humph, how boring. You still continue to resist?

King of the Dead: Well then, I shall take care of you personally.

(Charlotte appears)

Charlotte: Look out! Get out of here! The "Magic Sword" has begun moving on its own!

Charlotte: A pitiless attack that ignores defenses... There's no way to stop it now...

Final Battle X

King of the Dead: Not bad, human. Next time I'll get serious.


King of the Dead: I had thought fighting would be boring... But I enjoyed fighting you.

King of the Dead: Unfortunately it seems my body is perishing. But worry not.

King of the Dead: My soul is immortal. I will soon rise again...

King of the Dead: Prince with the blood of heroes. I look forward to when we meet... again...

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