Millennium War Aigis (千年戦争アイギス Sennen Sensou Aigisu, lit. Thousand Year War Aegis) is a tower defense game published on DMM, with an English version being localized and hosted by Nutaku.


Demons attack and send the land into turmoil. The Prince (the player's character) escapes the destruction with Anna and a small military troupe. Together they visit the shrine of the goddess Aigis, who commands him to gather together an army to liberate the land and restore her power.

The first part of the story follows the Prince quelling problems in the countryside and culminates in liberating a military fort. The second part of the story sees the Prince retaking his former home from the monsters that now inhabit it. In the third, as yet unlocalized part of the story, the Prince leads his forces into desert regions.


The goal of the game is to prevent waves of spawning enemies from reaching the exit (indicated by a heart). The player will acquire a variety of units with different abilities to achieve this. If a set number of enemies escape, the mission is failed.


After some delays, the English version was launched by Nutaku on February 12th, 2015. As a test release and general desire not to delay the game any further, this version was limited in comparison to the Japanese version and is missing some changes such as unique sprites for various characters. The English release is controversial for its removal of loli characters, with Nutaku having previously stated that they will be editing or replacing such characters to meet the requirements of payment processors.

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