Monk Training Grounds

Monk Training Grounds (モンクの修行場) is a farming-type Urgent Mission that ran from October 27, 2015 to November 4, 2015.

The plot revolves around Lynn, a traveling monk that is training against monsters. Upon meeting the Prince, she decides to test herself against him, with the hope that she has become strong enough to join his army and fight alongside him.

This event received a revival on:

  • 05/16/2017 - 05/23/2017

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
White Belt 20 150 750 5 8
Lynn Icon
Lynn lv1
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
1 10 26
Bouquet -
First Degree 25 300 1125 5 8
Lynn Icon
Lynn lv3
Cecily Icon
Cecily lv3
2 10 32
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal -
Tenth Degree 30 350 1500 10 8
Lynn Icon
Lynn lv5
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne lv5
3 10 41
Bouquet -
Assistant Instructor 35 400 1875 10 8
Lynn Icon
Lynn lv8
Rosalie Icon
Rosalie lv8
5 10 50
Crave Icon
Crave lv8
Technique Awakened 60 500 4500 30 8
Lynn Icon
Lynn lv10
Rosalie Icon
Rosalie lv10
7 10 50
Mortimer Icon
Mortimer lv10
Demon Crystal ×2 Icon
Demon Crystal (2)

*Map 4 is melee only.

Drop Rates Edit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial and come from revival.

Map Drops
White Belt Lynn lv1 (1%) Demon Crystal (50%) Bouquet (50%) -
First Degree Lynn lv3 (5%) Cecily lv3 (10%) Demon Crystal (100%) -
Tenth Degree Lynn lv5 (10%) Leeanne lv5 (10%) Bouquet (100%) -
Assistant Instructor Lynn lv8 (27%) Rosalie lv8 (10%) Crave lv8 (10%) Crystal (100%)
Technique Awakened Lynn lv10 (50%) Rosalie lv10 (12%) Mortimer lv10 (12%) 2x Demon Crystal (100%)

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Melee Physical 3200 (M1)
3600 (M2)
240 (M1)
270 (M2)
MR 50
Initial: 10
3 UP

8000 (M3) 600 (M3) 200
MR 50
Initial: 10
3 UP
7700 (M4) 770 (M4) 200
MR 50
3 UP
8400 (M5) 960 (M5) 300
MR 50
Has an aura.

Story Text Edit

White Belt

Lynn: Ooh! They're here! Okay, time to go practice against some monsters today!

Lynn: Hm? Isn't that the prince said to be the hero's descendant? I may as well test his skill since I have the chance.

(After defeating all goblins)

Lynn: Your strength is just as the rumors say. It is my pleasure to meet you, Prince. I am the Monk Lynn.

Lynn: Im traveling the land to train my skills. I realize this is a bit sudden, but can I ask you for a match?

Lynn: I love fighting strong opponents.

Lynn's Introduction

Lynn: You really are strong... Stronger than the rumors.

Lynn: Sorry for being so abrupt earlier. As I said before, I am known as the Monk Lynn.

Lynn: I have been fighting monsters and thought I had grown stronger, but clearly not enough...

Lynn: Fighting against you, Prince, has shown me the extent of my inexperience.

Lynn: I must become stronger. I must continue training and traveling.

Lynn: If I manage to become stronger than I am now, would you allow me to accompany you then?

Lynn: Well then, Prince, I shall be off! Be sure not to lose until we meet again!

First Degree

Lynn: Ah, beaches are the best for conditioning training. They're just right for building the quick responses needed to dodge enemy attacks.

Lynn: Hm? Isn't the prince from before? Why is he here...?

Lynn: Haha, it's perfect. I've trained since we met, and have become much stronger. Let's see if I can't put my results to the test.

Tenth Degree

Lynn: Okay, I'll be able to do some great training here. I'll get so fast that not even a wolf could catch me!

Lynn: Ah, that's the prince! Okay, let's see if I can get him to join me in my practice this time.

Assistant Instructor

Anna: This is definitely the place. It's where that monk girl Lynn pointed out.

Lynn: I've been waiting. Fight me. If I fight you, I'll get stronger. I just know it...

Lynn: No projectiles this time. We fight hand-to-hand!

Technique Awakened

Lynn: Finally... Finally I have acquired the ultimate technique!

Lynn: The last one for me to beat is you, Prince! Allow me to test the results of the training that granted me this technique.

Lynn: This technique allows me to raise both my attack and defense. Against it, you have no chance of victory.

Video Guides Edit

  • Nasu (1, 2, 3, 4v1 - using ninja, 4v2 - using silver bandits, 4.3 - least suggested, 5v1,

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