Ninja Army of Darkness

Ninja Army of Darkness (闇の忍者軍団) is a farming-type Urgent Mission running from January 19, 2016 to January 26, 2016.

The story follows Azami, the leader of a division of Ninja that once protected the world from the monsters. Following the loss of the world to the monsters, they placed the blame on the Prince, who took over their duty.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
Ninja of Darkness 20 150 750 10 8 Azami lv1 Foot Soldier lv1
1 10 15 Ninja lv1 -
Ninjas Again 30 300 1125 10 8 Azami lv3 Sanosuke lv3
2 10 19 Ninja Lv3 Hayate Lv3
The Art of Flying 40 350 1500 15 8 Azami lv6 Christopher lv6
3 10 48 Hayate lv6 x2 -
The Art of Paralysis 50 400 2250 20 10 Azami lv10 Harissa lv10
5 10 42 Demon Crystal (1) Platinum Armor
True Duty of the Ninja X 70 500 4500 30 10 Azami lv13 Elaine lv13
7 10 53 Eunice lv13 Platinum Armor
Dance of the Tentacles G 100 200 1500 40 10 Demon Crystal (1) Demon Crystal (2)
2 10 75 Demon Crystal (3) Completion: Platinum Armor

Drop Rates Edit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial, estimated and come from revival.

Map Drops
Ninja of Darkness Azami (2%) Foot Soldier (100%) Ninja (Unit) (100%) -
Ninjas Again Azami (5%) Sanosuke (10%) Hayate (70%) Ninja (Unit) (100%)
The Art of Flying Azami (10%) Christopher (10%) Hayate (2x70%) -
The Art of Paralysis Azami (27%) Harissa (10%) Demon Crystal (3x60%) Platinum Armor (5%)
True Duty of the Ninja X Azami (50%) Elaine (13%) Eunice (13%) Platinum Armor (10%)
Dance of the Tentacles G Demon Crystal x1 (60%) Demon Crystal x2 (50%) Demon Crystal x3 (50%) Completion Bonus: Platinum Armor

Special Enemies Edit

Name Type Damage Est. HP Est. ATK Est. DEF Remarks
Melee Physical 1200 (Map 1)
1200 (Map 2)
1350 (Map 3)
1500 (Map 4)
160 (Map 1)
160 (Map 2)
180 (Map 3)
200 (Map 4)
Ranged Physical 190 Both slow and fast types

Tendency to emerge from strange areas

Flying Ninja
Flying Ninja
Flying - 10? -
Paralysis Ninja
Paralysis Ninja
Ranged Physical 200 Paralyzes target after 6 hits

Paralyzed units are ignored by enemies

Ninja Master
Ninja Master
Ranged Physical 2700 (Map 3)
3000 (Map 4)
3000 (Map 5)
3450 (Map 6)
450 30
Ranged Physical 250 Moves quickly
7000 (Map 5) 450 (Blocked)
225 (Not blocked)
100 Skill aura
Melee Physical 6325 (Map 6) 11 100 Paralyzes target after 6 hits

Paralyzed units are ignored by enemies

Returning Edit

Name Type Damage Est. HP Est. ATK Est. DEF Remarks
Melee Physical 6000 (Map 4)
7200 (Map 5)
6900 (Map 6)
400 (Map 4)
480 (Map 5)
460 (Map 6)

Story Text Edit

Ninja of Darkness

Ninja: Is everything in place?

Ninja Underling: Yes! The villagers have already gone to that prince to ask for help. I'm sure he'll be here shortly.

Ninja: Hahaha, he doesn't know it's a trap.

Anna: They were apparently attacked by something here. Apparently it wasn't monsters, but then who?

(All enemies defeated)

Ninja: A formidable character. So much so, her head carries a hefty price.

Anna: Just who are you?

Ninja: Excuse my manners. I am Ninja Azami. I want to take your lives.

Azami: It appears that we've somehow lost this time. We'll leave for now, but let's meet again. Take care now, hahaha!

Ninjas Again

Anna: Why have the ninja turned against us?

Azami: To fight the monsters and protect the world, that is the ninja's duty... However, the world already belongs to the monsters! Clumsy resistance only increases the damage.

Azami: Your actions only lead the world astray. For the sake of the world, I ask you to die peacefully.

Anna: She's serious...

The Art of Flying

Azami: Attacking from the front doesn't feel right. Are the gliders ready?

Ninja Underling: Yes sir!

Azami: Good, send them out! Let them taste the terror of the ninja.

The Art of Paralysis

Azami: So, prince descended from heroes. Will you face me?

Anna: Wait! We don't want to fight you. Please listen to us!

Azami: Didn't you know? The monsters have put a price on your heads.

Azami: If we present your heads, they say that they'll stop this needless tyranny over the people.

Anna: Do you seriously trust what the monsters say? Of course its a lie!

Azami: I'm sure it's probably a lie. However, the people have been backed into such a corner that we must cling to the monsters' lie.

(Paralysis Ninja appears)

Azami: They are truly strong... But even heroes can't beat poison.

Azami: Lets give them a taste of the instantaneous numbing agent harvested from the ropers of the poison swamps.

True Duty of the Ninja X

Azami: Prince descended from heroes... I thought you were idolized just for your lineage, but you may just have the strength to protect the world from the monsters.

Azami: But I've started the fight, so I'll finish it. I'll put your real power to the test.

(end of fight)

Azami: Such strength... This task is beyond us. If this is how it is there was nothing we could do.

Ninja Underling: Master, what are you doing?!

Azami: I must take responsibility for these thoughtless actions. I will give my life to earn mercy for yours.

Anna: Please stop. It may be true that you were being thoughtless, but do you want to continue that with even more thoughtlessness?

Anna: If you feel you've made a mistake then you must fulfill your duty. The ninja's duty to fight the monsters!

Azami: In these times of war with the monsters, my heart may also have been corrupted. From now I will respect the true meaning of the ninja.

Dance of the Tentacles G

Anna: Those are ropers! There's so many...

Anna: Ropers have almost no attack power, but touch them and your body goes numb.

Anna: And they're slimy and gross... Eek! Here they come!

Video GuidesEdit

  • Yamaguchi: 1
  • Nasu: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (based on old version of event with much less nasty paralyze)
  • key kii: Playlist
  • poor troopers: Playlist
  • VP Games: Playlist

External Links Edit

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