ONI-Possessed Swordwoman (鬼を宿す剣士) is a farming-type urgent mission running from 3/15/16 to 3/22/16.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Power of ONI 20 150 750 10 8 Momiji lv3 Soldier (Heavy) lv3
1 10 24 Spirit of Iron -
Shadow Monsters 30 300 1125 10 8 Momiji lv6 Crave lv6
2 10 30 Russell lv6 Spirit of Bronze
Shells of Destruction 40 350 1500 15 8 Momiji lv9 Lauren lv9
3 10 29 Russell lv9 -
Chaos on the Frontline 50 400 2250 15 10 Momiji lv11 Elaine lv11
5 10 35 Giovanni lv11 Demon Crystal (1) x3
Power Unleashed X 70 500 3000 20 10 Momiji lv13 Leeanne lv13
7 10 43 Sanosuke lv13 Spirit of Platinum
ONI Raid G 100 200 1500 10 8 Spirit of Gold Spirit of Platinum
2 5 49 Spirit of Black Completion: Spirit of Rainbow

Drop RatesEdit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial. Source: animali

Map Drops
Power of ONI Momiji (2%) Soldier (Heavy) (60%) Spirit of Iron (60%) -
Shadow Monster Momiji (5%) Crave (10%) Russell (80%) Spirit of Bronze (60%)
Shells of Destruction Momiji (10%) Lauren (10%) Russell (70%) x2 -
Chaos on the Frontline Momiji (29%) Elaine (10%) Giovanni (10%) Demon Crystal (50%) x3
Power Unleashed X Momiji (50%) Leeanne (13%) Sanosuke (13%) Spirit of Platinum (30%)
ONI Raid G Spirit of Gold (50%)* Spirit of Platinum (10%)* Spirit of Black (5%)* -

*First drop is guaranteed

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy damage and HP are scaled depending on the mission:

Map Strength Special Case
Power of ONI 80% Momiji at 64% (0.8 * map multiplier)
Shadow Monsters 80% none
Shells of Destruction 90% none
Chaos on the Frontline 100% none
Power Unleashed X 110% none
ONI Raid G 110% none

New Edit

Enemy Unit
Melee Physical 6000 400 200
MR 10
Initial: 10
? UP

20000 1300 200
MR 10
Initial: 36
Has an aura.
Melee Physical 2500 300 20
MR 50
Initial: 16
? UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Red Cannon Armor
Red Cannon Armor
Ranged (187)
Splash 100
2000 450 250 261
Initial: 40
Move: 181
? UP
Spirit ONI
Spirit Oni
Ranged (21) Physical 5000 850 250 196
Initial: 100
Move: 81
? UP
Ignores roads.

Dialogue Edit

Power of ONI

Anna: So, this is the place where the monster was seen.

Black Knight: Forward, you monsters! Annihilate the prince's army!

(Momiji appears)

Black Knight: Well done. However, soon "it" will arrive.

Swordswoman: ...

Swordswoman: ...!!

Anna: Prince! A newcomer! Watch out!

(All enemies defeated)

Swordswoman: Are you the prince who leads that army?

Anna: And you are?

Momiji: My name is Momiji. I do not intend to quarrel with you. My sword... protects... people.

Momiji: ...

Anna: Ah! It looks like she passed out. I wonder what she meant by not intending to quarrel?

Momiji: ...!

Momiji: Nice to meet you indeed, Prince. I'm borrowing this girl's body.

Anna: Something's changed! Prince, it's not safe. Step away from Momiji.

Momiji: Prince. I could cut you down here, but let's wait until next time. I'll see you on the next battlefield.

Anna: Looks like they're gone... from her manner, it seems her mind has been taken over by the monsters.

Anna: We can't just leave this alone. Let's go after Momiji!

Shadow Monsters

Anna: Prince! We've sighted the enemy army. Momiji is there as well.

Black Knight: So you followed us. I shall confuse you with shadow monsters. Now, come at me!

(All enemies defeated)

Momiji: I don't want to fight them... I'll get out of here while I still have control!

Black Knight: Hehe, there's no use trying to escape, you who are possessed with ONI power.

Black Knight: If I unleash that power with magic, ONI sealed inside your body will swallow your mind.

Momiji: Ugh... you fiend...

Black Knight: Hmph. Say whatever you like. Now, let's put that immense strength to use.

Shells of Destruction

Black Knight: Artillery corps, commence preparations! Blow those humans to pieces with your shells!

Anna: Prince, we have confirmed a new enemy unit. Watch out for ranged attacks!

Chaos on the Frontline

Black Knight: Monsters, prepare for battle! This time I will take the field, too. I'll take the prince's head!!!

Momiji: (What am I doing? I didn't seal off this ONI just to be used by the monsters!)

Power Unleashed X

Black Knight: So, you can't beat the prince even with the strength of the ONI!

Momiji: That's enough!! If you abuse this power any more...

Black Knight: Silence!! More. I will release more power.

Momiji: Argh... No... No more...

Momiji: Hehehe...

Momiji: My power, my power is building! This time I'll have the prince's head!

Momiji: *pant* ... *pant* ... Is the fight... over?

Anna: Momiji. It's alright now. The enemies are gone.

Momiji: Is that so... I've done things to you that I must apologize for. I wasn't strong enough...

Anna: We've fought it for real, so we know the terrible strength of the power hidden inside you.

Anna: But the enemy only used that strength. You are not at fault.

Momiji: Thank you, ma'am... I will devote my life to making sure this power is not used for evil.

ONI Raid G

Momiji: Aaaarggghhh... I can't keep the ONI in!!

Momiji: *pant*... *pant*...

Anna: Momiji! Are you alright!?

Momiji: The ONI power is leaking out. The ONI released from me is attracting monsters, and they're coming this way...

Momiji: That ONI has no physical form; it will appear suddenly and roil the battlefield. Be on your guard...

Anna: Prince, enemies are coming! Prepare to engage them!

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