ONI Summoning Sorceress

Oni Summoning Sorceress (鬼招きの巫女) was a farming-type Urgent Mission that ran from September 29, 2015 to October 6, 2015.

The plot revolves around Shiho, a sorceress with a mission to protect the creatures that had been sleeping under her shrine, the ONI. Unfortunately, they were woken up by the monsters' rise and went on a rampage. The Prince moves to stop them, and in doing so must contend against Shiho, who is bound by the rules of her home.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
One-eyed ONI 15 100 450 10 8
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
1 10 21 - -
ONI Extermination 25 300 1125 10 8
Shiho Icon
Shiho lv5
Soma Icon
Soma lv5
2 10 24
Soldier (Bow) A Icon
Soldier (Bow) A lv5
ONI Counterattack 30 350 1500 10 8
Valerie Icon
Valerie lv8
Harissa Icon
Harissa lv8
2 10 35
Soldier (Magic) B Icon
Soldier (Magic) B lv8
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
ONI Charge 35 400 1875 10 8
Shiho Icon

[1] lv10

Phyllis Icon
Phyllis lv10
3 10 38
Soldier (Heavy) B Icon
Soldier (Heavy) B lv10
ONI' Rage X 60 500 4500 20 8
Shiho Icon
Shiho lv10
Bernard Icon
Bernard lv10
6 10 70
Roy Icon
Roy lv10
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
  1. Shiho's first defeat in map 4 is a guaranteed drop.

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy HP and attack vary slightly from mission to mission. For exact parameters, see the individual mission pages.

Enemy Unit
Green Oni
Green Cyclops
Melee Physical 6000 1000 100 241
Initial: 100
1 UP
Red Oni
Red Cyclops
Melee Physical 12000 1500 200 241
Initial: 100
1 UP
Black Oni
Black Cyclops
Melee Physical 20000 2000 300 241
Initial: 100
2 UP
Shiho Sprite
Ranged (100) Magic 900 150 20 166
Initial: 24
Move: 121
Missile: 6
3 UP

Dialogue Edit

One-eyed ONI

Anna: It seems some unfamiliar monsters have appeared around here lately.

(ONI appears)

Shiho: You, over there! Run away, run away!

Anna: Who are you?

Shiho: Forget that, a normal person couldn't withstand an attack from ONI like that!

Shiho's Introduction

Shiho: Nice to meet you, Prince! I am the Sorceress Shiho, guardian of a distant shrine that protects certain rare creatures.

Shiho: You are the one descended from heroes, right? What? What do you mean, 'what's that?' That's ONI. It was one of ONI that was sleeping beneath the shrine.

Shiho: I'm sorry but don't touch that ONI! I think maybe it woke up in reaction to the monsters' revival...

Shiho: I was told to protect it, so I have to protect it. ONI never wake up so I don't really know why, but they said to protect it so...

Shiho: I should probably just protect it like they said, right?

Shiho: If I make it angry and it gets violent, I'll be in trouble too... So we can just wait until it calms down.

Shiho: It's best if we just quietly hide until then, so... What? Fight it? A-are you serious!? I can't do that!

Shiho: I have to follow the rules! I get that the prince was chosen by the goddess... But I'm a sorceress, and there are rules...

Shiho: I... I just won't! It's the rules so I won't! If you say you'll do it anyway... Sorry, but I'm going to get in your way!

ONI Extermination

Shiho: Whoa, you really came here to take down ONI... I'm sorry, but I'm going to get in your way.

Shiho: Ah, but let me tell you one more thing!

Shiho: ONI's physical strength is higher than those monsters. So you probably shouldn't attack them head-on.

Anna: That girl seems to be having fun.

ONI Counterattack

Shiho: I-it's terrible! ONI have come to the houses...

Shiho: Somebody stop them!

ONI Charge

Shiho: Now that's the descendant of heroes! Maybe I'll join you, too.

ONI' Rage X

Shiho: Alright, this is the last battle! Go get 'em!

Unit Combination Edit

One could feed his/her target Shiho with 1 Shiho and 3 platinum spirits. Each combination will offer 4800 - 5500 exp. depending on Shiho's level. In this way, one could reduce Shiho's unit cost, upgrade skill level and level her up at the same time. Thus, it is also good to save up platinum spirits before the farming event. Please see the recommended levels for performing such combination at the Unit Combination page.

Disclaimer: The numbers are based on the assumption that the Shiho you are feeding is level 1. The calculation is for leveling Shiho up after CC.

Video Guides Edit

  • Nasu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) - maxed silvers and bronzes
  • AzraethGaming (1, 2, 3, ...) mid-level silver/gold, CC, very few premimum (or none), French commentary

External Links Edit

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