Pride of the Beastwoman

Pride of the Beastwoman (獣人の誇り) is a farming-type Urgent Mission running from November 24, 2015 to December 1, 2015.

The story revolves around Ada, a beastwoman. Half monster and half human, her race is accepted by neither. In order to prove the strength of her race, Ada attempts to defeat the Prince, leader of the humans.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
Devil Wolves and Beastmen 20 150 750 10 10 Ada lv1 Elaine lv1
1 10 24 Bouquet -
A Perilous Animal Trail 30 300 1125 10 10 Ada lv3 Calliope lv3
2 10 40 Bouquet Demon Crystal
The Starving Wolves 40 350 1500 10 10 Ada lv6 Pallis lv6
3 10 56 Beer Table Wine
The Awakening Wild 50 400 2250 25 10 Ada lv10 Sanosuke lv10
5 10 56 Giovanni lv10 Platinum Armor
Final Battle X 70 500 4500 20 8 Ada lv13 Rosalie lv13
7 10 59 Lauren lv13 Platinum Armor
Golden Wolves G 100 200 1500 20 8 Demon Crystal Choice Sake
2 10 91 Ruby Completion: Spirit of Rainbow

Drop Rates Edit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial and estimated based on original event.

Map Drops
Devil Wolves and Beastmen Ada lv1 (1%) Elaine lv1 (10%) Bouquet (50%)
A Perilous Animal Trail Ada lv3 (5%) Calliope lv3 (10%) Bouquet (70%) Demon Crystal (70%)
The Starving Wolves Ada lv6 (10%) Pallis lv6 (10%) Beer (70%) Table Wine (35%)
The Awakening Wild Ada lv10 (30%) Sanosuke lv10 (13%) Giovanni lv10 (13%) Platinum Armor (10%)
Final Battle X Ada lv13 (50%) Rosalie lv13 (13%) Lauren lv13 (13%) Platinum Armor (15%)
Golden Wolves G Demon Crystal x3 (30%) Choice Sake (30%) Ruby (30%)

Special Enemies Edit

Name Type Damage Est. HP Est. ATK Est. DEF Remarks
Melee Physical 2400 (Map 1)
3200 (Map 2)
4420 (Map 3)
209 (Map 1)
280 (Map 2)
386 (Map 3)
180 Moves Quickly
9000 (Map 4)
10350 (Map 5)
11700 (Map 6)
600 (Map 4)
690 (Map 5)
780 (Map 6)
200 Has Aura
Ranged Physical 2500 (Map 4) 350 80 Moves Slowly
Long Range

Target units in placement order

Werewolf (Gold)
Werewolf (Gold)
Melee Physical ? 1300 ?
19500 1430 2200 Has Aura

Story Text Edit

Devil Wolves and Beastmen

Anna: In recent days, the villages are suffering many attacks from the wolves of the forest.

Anna: Among them, even houses far away from the forest are taking casualties. Something bad may be happening.

(Ada appears)

Ada: Grrrr... You finally showed up.

Ada: So you're the descendant of heroes that leads the humans.

Ada: If I... if I can, I will defeat you!

Anna: It seems that girl is a beastwoman. Half human, half monster. She is both... and neither.

Anna: It appears she's somehow allied with the monsters. Watch yourself!

(All enemies defeated)

Ada: Ugh... Strong for a human.

Ada: This isn't my true strength. I'll beat you next time!

Anna: It seems the beastwoman was using the wolves.

Anna: They say that beastmen despise humans because among humans, there are many who scorn beastmen as monsters.

Anna: Therefore there are many beastmen who live quietly away from human villages.

Anna: But is it true that they will always be enemies of humans?

A Perilous Animal Trail

Ada: Beastmen are scorned by humans... Looked down on by monsters... I'll defeat you, and show you our strength!

Anna: We do not scorn beastmen. Please listen to us.

The Starving Wolves

Ada: So you took down a bunch of monsters. That's why if I take you down, I can prove how strong the beastmen are!

The Awakening Wild

Ada: Darkness is the ally of the monsters. I won't lose to humans!

Anna: Prince, the werewolves' strength increases at night. Be on your guard.

Final Battle X

Ada: Let us decide here which will survive: humans or beastmen!

Video Guides

  • nasu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Draa (6)
  • Sennen War (6)

External Links Edit

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