Sleeping Desert Treasure

Sleeping Desert Treasure (砂漠に眠る財宝) is a Total Domination urgent mission that will run from 04/18/17 to 05/16/17.

Rewards Edit

This type of event has 2 reward scales. The first is based on the total number of enemies slain over the duration of the event. The second is based on the highest number of slain enemies in a single attempt.

Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
1000 50,000 G 100 Gold Armor
2000 Spirit Queen 300 Maurette
3000 50,000 G 400 Platinum Armor
4000 50,000 G 500 50x Demon Crystals
5000 Spirit Queen
6000 100,000 G
7000 Spirit Queen
8000 100,000 G
9000 100,000 G
10000 Spirit of Rainbow
Reward Total number of Kills
Crystal Shard 100 200 300 400 500
600 700 800 900 1000
1100 1200 1300 1400 1500
1600 1700 1800 1900 2000
2200 2400 2600 2800 3000
3200 3400 3600 3800 4000
4200 4400 4600 4800 5000
5200 5400 5600 5800 6000
6200 6400 6600 6800 7000
7200 7400 7600 7800 8000
8200 8400 8600 8800 9000
9200 9400 9600 9800 10000

A Brief History of Maurette on DMM Edit

Maurette originally began as a Bronze unit, whose rarity could be upgraded via a tally of the total kills for all players in the game. Each player could contribute a maximum of 10,000 kills.


  • 100,000,000 - Rarity Silver; she gains a skill and can be class evolved.
  • 300,000,000 - Rarity Gold; she can henceforth be awakened.
  • 600,000,000 - Rarity Platinum; she gains a stat/skill improvement.

In the future, Maurette will be added to the Trading Post so mincosting her and upgrading her skill will become available through normal means.

On Nutaku Maurette is fixed at gold rarity and is a reward for achieving 300 kills in a single run.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Points Units Special Conditions
Life Enemies
Sleeping Desert Treasure: Normal 15 10 10 Initial HP reduced by 20%
30 100
Sleeping Desert Treasure: Hard 30 10 10 Initial HP reduced by 50%
40 300
Sleeping Desert Treasure: Extreme 35 10 10 Initial HP reduced by 80%
50 400
Sleeping Desert Treasure: God 40 10 10 Initial HP reduced by 80%
50 500

Notable Enemies Edit

Dialogue Edit

Maurette's Introduction

Maurette: H...Hello. My name is Maurette... A...Are you the Prince?

Maurette: Umm... I was wondering... Do you think you could help me steal treasure from the people guarding the pyramid in the desert kingdom?

Maurette: You see, um... I want to collect LOTS of treasure and make a name for myself so all the other pirates will respect me.

Maurette: But... I'm scared to fight alone... And I'm too shy to collect strong allies...

Maurette: So... I thought it might be a good idea to get help from the Prince who is famous as a specialist in defeating monsters...

Maurette: I...I would give you your cut of the treasure, of course. I don't think it's a bad deal for you...

Maurette: You're going to help me? Th-Thank you...!

Maurette: What a relief...

Maurette: My pirate friends told me you were a good-hearted man who helps people in trouble. The rumors were actually true...

Maurette: Ack! Nothing! Never mind!

Maurette: A...Anyway, let me tell you about the upcoming battle!

Maurette: This fight is going to be a "Total Domination Mission". Our only goal is to defeat our enemies.

Maurette: Total Domination Missions differ from normal missions in a number of ways. You should probably pay attention.

Maurette: First of all, in a Total Domination Mission, our only goal is to crush enemies.

Maurette: The most important thing isn't limiting army casualties. Instead, defeat as many enemies as possible.

Maurette: You'll be able to clear the stage even with zero life. Then, the number of enemies you've defeated so far will be counted and recorded as military gains.

Maurette: Don't worry about getting hurt, just focus on taking down as many monsters as possible!

Maurette: We're going to be fighting in the desert kingdom, so units will be deployed with depleted initial HP. Be careful...

Maurette: Also, there's bad weather in the desert, sandstorms. So, battling units' attack ranges will be shorter than usual.

Maurette: One more thing, when you defeat an enemy, you won't be able to get EXP, gold, or dropped items, so you should watch out for that too.

Maurette: Ok, Prince, let's head to the pyramid and steal some treasure! Our Total Domination Mission is on!

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