A stamp is added to the player's stamp card and a corresponding reward received for every day the player logs in to the game.  Stamps are always received in order, so missing a daily stamp will not cause the player to lose a particular day's reward, but rather they will miss out on rewards starting with the final one on the card. Players receive a new stamp card at the beginning of each month.

Stamp cards can be one of five tier levels, with higher tiers offering better daily login rewards.  The tier is determined by the number of Sacred Crystals (SC) the player spent the previous month (starting 5 AM EST). How the SC were used doesn't matter, whether spent in the Shop, Shrine, or refilling Charisma/Stamina. The count of SC spent is reset every month when the new card is received.  

The previous card's tier will not affect the next card's tier, and cards can change (up or down) from any tier to any other tier from one month to the next (based solely on SC spent).

Normal (Use 0-49 SC)


Special (Use 50-99 SC)


Deluxe (Use 100-149 SC)


Legend (Use 150-249 SC)


S Legend (Use 250+ SC)

S Legend

Item Type Stamp Card Tier
Normal Special Deluxe Legend S Legend
Gold (30-Day Month) 32,000 105,000 240,000 270,000 240,000
Gold (31-Day Month) 47,000 155,000 330,000 390,000 390,000
Sacred Crystals 5 5 10 10 20
Crystal Fragments 14 34 74 93 143
Demon Crystals 9 29 60 85 85
Flower 1
Crystal 3 1
Ruby 2 1
Diamond 1 4 7 7
Total Affection 7-11 12-16 19-24 28-35 28-35
Beer 1
Table Wine 2 1
Choice Sake 1 2 3
Millennium Wine 1 2 4 4
Total Trust 8-12 12-16 17-22 16-20 16-20
Spirit of Bronze 1
Spirit of Silver 1
Spirit of Gold 2 1
Spirit of Platinum 1 1 1
Spirit of Black 1 1
Spirit of Rainbow 1 2 5 5
Spirit Queen 1 1 3 3
Platinum Armor 2 2
Bonded Nina 1
Bonded Celia 1
Bonded Florika 1
Legend Summon Ticket 1 1

Legend Summon Ticket Edit

Legend Summon Ticket Icon

Legend Summon Ticket

This ticket, only available from the last 2 tiers of the Stamp Card, grants the player 1 guaranteed Platinum or above unit from the Shrine. The ticket is automatically consumed upon retrieval from the player's Present Box. Each unit has the same chance by rarity, and the ticket is unaffected by the Shrine's Chance-Ups.

Bashira and Cypria, despite being Shrine units, are excluded.

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