Swordswoman of the Boiling Sands

Swordswoman of the Boling Sands (熱砂の剣士) is a star rush urgent mission that will run from 12/1/15 to 12/15/15.

The plot revolves around Horace, a member of the royal family of the desert kingdom. One day, she appears in the kingdom with an army of monsters, seeking the Prince's head. However, she seems to have a good reason for doing so...

Rewards Edit

This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars.

Condition Reward Condition Reward
Earn 12 stars Horace Clear 3 missions Verotte
Earn 13 stars Level 20 Clear 4 missions Level 10
Earn 14 stars Skill lv2 Clear 5 missions Level 20
Earn 15 stars Cost -1 Clear 6 missions Level 30
Earn 16 stars Level 30 Clear 7 missions Level 40
Earn 17 stars Skill lv3 Clear 8 missions Level 50
Earn 18 stars Cost -1 (-2)
Earn 19 stars Level 40
Earn 20 stars Skill lv4
Earn 21 stars Cost -1 (-3)
Earn 22 stars Skill lv5
Earn 23 stars Cost -1 (-4)
Earn 24 stars Cost -1 (-5)

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
The Strange Visitor
20 120 1050 10 10
Pallis Icon
Pallis lv1
Bouquet x2
1 10 31 - -
Forest Front Line
50 150 1200 20 10
Rosalie Icon
Rosalie lv3
1 10 48
Demon Crystal ×2 Icon
Demon Crystal x2 -
Gigantic Mummy Invasion
50 200 2250 25 9
Giovanni Icon
Giovanni lv6
Elaine Icon
Elaine lv6
3 10 52
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver x2
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Magic Sword of Sorrow X
悲哀の魔剣 極級
60 300 3000 30 9
Eunice Icon
Eunice lv10
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne lv10
5 10 52
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold x2
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Heated Battle G
熱戦 神級
100 200 1500 40 10
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 10 70
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow (Completion)
Wraith Soldiers
50 150 1200 20 8
Elaine Icon
Elaine lv6
1 10 35
Crystal -
Assault on the Capital
50 200 2250 15 8
Alissa Icon
Alissa lv10
Hector Icon
Hector lv10 x2
3 10 47
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal x4 -
Final Battle in the Dark Night X
闇夜の決戦 極級
60 300 3000 30 10
Cecily Icon
Cecily lv13
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
5 10 71
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black x2
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Battle in the Scorching Desert G
灼熱の戦場 神級
100 200 1500 15 8
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
Demon Crystal ×2 Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
2 10 61
Demon Crystal ×3 Icon
Demon Crystal (3)
Platinum Armor Icon
Completion: Platinum Armor

Drop RatesEdit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial and come from revival.

Map Drops
The Strange Visitor Pallis (10%) Bouquet (2x60%) - -
Forest Front Line Rosalie lv7 (10%) Crystal (50%) Demon Crystal (2x60%) -
Gigantic Mummy Invasion Giovanni (10%) Elaine (10%) Spirit of Silver (2x60%) Platinum Armor (5%)
Magic Sword of Sorrow X Eunice (10%) Leeanne (10%) Spirit of Gold (2x50%) Platinum Armor (10%)
Heated Battle G Spirit of Gold (50%)* Spirit of Platinum (25%)* Spirit of Black (15%)* -
Wraith Soldiers Elaine (10%) Bouquet (60%) Crystal (50%) -
Assault on the Capital Alissa (10%) Hector (2x70%) Demon Crystal (4x?%)** -
Final Battle in the Dark Night X Cecily (10%) Spirit of Platinum (30%) Spirit of Black (2x?%)** Platinum Armor (10%)
Battle in the Scorching Desert G Demon Crystal (70%) 2xDemon Crystal (60%) 3xDemon Crystal (60%) -

* First drop is guaranteed

** Changed with revival, % is unknown

Special Enemies Edit

Name Type Damage Est. HP Est. ATK Est. DEF Remarks
Melee Physical 3200 (Map 1)
3200 (Map 2)
4000 (Map 3)
4000 (Map 4)
4600 (Map 5)
3600 (Map 6)
3800 (Map 7)
4200 (Map 8)
4400 (Map 9)
240 (Map 1)
240 (Map 2)
300 (Map 3)
300 (Map 4)
345 (Map 5)
270 (Map 6)
285 (Map 7)
315 (Map 8)
330 (Map 9)

20 MR

HP below 50%: ATK x2
HP below 25%: ATK x3
Mummy King
Mummy King
Melee Physical 10000 (Map 3)
10000 (Map 4)
11500 (Map 5)
9500 (Map 7)
10500 (Map 8)
11000 (Map 9)
500 (Map 3
500 (Map 4)
575 (Map 5)
475 (Map 7)
525 (Map 8)
550 (Map 9)

30 MR

HP below 50%: ATK x2
HP below 25%: ATK x3
Desert Warrior
Desert Warrior
Melee Physical 9500 (Map 7)
10500 (Map 8)
11000 (Map 9)
950 (Map 7)
1050 (Map 8)
1100 (Map 9)
100 Moves quickly
Ranged Physical 6000 (Map 4) 400 (Blocked)
200 (Not Blocked)
Magical 13800 (Map 5) 500 (Blocked)
250 (Not Blocked)
400 Has Aura
21000 (Map 8) 800 (Blocked)
400 (Not Blocked
400 Has Aura

Dialogue Edit

The Strange Visitor

Soldier: This is where that strange boat came ashore. Is it a boat from a foreign land?

Soldier: Perhaps they came to us to ask for rescue.

Anna: No, somehow I don't think they came for rescue...

(Mummy appears)

Horace: Go forth, you cursed mummies!

Mummies' Introduction

Anna: The moving mummies that appeared in the battle just now are probably what we call "Mummy", the undead monsters.

Anna: They are not really a threat usually but I've heard that they get more powerful as they get damaged.

Anna: What a terrible characteristic that is.

Anna: But Mummy is used to be a normal embalmed corpse turned into a monster.

Anna: They should be in the desert nation, on the other side of the sea.

Anna: Could it possibly mean that they have destroyed the countries and they crossed the ocean?

Anna: I do understand your feelings, prince, but as we don't know their military force or purpose, I think we should be cautious and I don't think we should fight against them.

Anna: I say, we should decide what actions to take after they make movements.

Anna: First, let's go and report to the Goddess Aigis.

Forest Front Line

Anna: Prince! It appears that mummies and monsters are marching on the kingdom!

Horace: Monsters, advance! Defeat the prince of this land!

Anna: Let's meet them here! Prince, prepare for battle!

Horace: (I hold no grudge against this kingdom, but fight for the people waiting in my homeland...)

Horace: (I, I who survived, must do this...!)


Anna: You managed to repel us somehow.

Anna: Prince, doesn't the one leading those monsters seem familiar?

Anna: That crest on her head, that's the mark of the royal family of the desert nation. So she's of the royal family...

Anna: But why?

Anna: She seemed to be after the prince's life, and it appears she has a serious reason.

Gigantic Mummy Invasion

Horace: It seems your reinforcements have arrived. Now for the real fight.

Horace: (Defeat the prince of this land and I free my people... I don't even know if that's true.)

Horace: (However...)

Horace: (There's no turning back. I must do this!)

Anna: Prince! I can see a giant mummy at the rear of the enemy!

Anna: I believe this one is more powerful than the other mummies. Keep your guard up!

Magic Sword of Sorrow X

Anna: Please stop this fighting! There shouldn't be a reason for us to quarrel anymore!

Horace: I cannot stop fighting for the people in my homeland waiting for my return!

Horace: I will also take the field in this battle.

Horace: There is no way that I will lose. The prince's life is mine! Prepare yourself!

Anna: For the people waiting for her return? Just as I thought, something's afoot.

Anna: Let's win this battle, and see what she has to say!


Horace: I have been defeated...

Anna: Madame Magic Fencer...

Anna: I have heard that your country was destroyed by the monsters. Why would someone from that country attack the prince?

Horace: The former desert kingdom... I am one of the royal family.

Horace: The high-ranking members of the royal family were all slain by monsters. I am the only one to survive.

Horace: I was told by the monsters in possession of the kingdom, "Defeat the prince and we'll return the kingdom." So I crossed the ocean.

Anna: You think the monsters will keep that promise?

Horace: I know they won't! However, while the people of the kingdom are held hostage I can do nothing but obey...

Horace: I will retreat this time. But next time I will have more powerful reinforcements.

Horace: With the next battle I will surely take the prince's life.

Anna: She's gone.

Anna: Prince, is there no way to save the people of the desert kingdom?

Anna: That the people of destroyed nations would fight amongst themselves, it's too sad for words...

Heated Battle G

Anna: Ah... We're too late. Even the buildings are ablaze!

Horace: I can't go back now...

Horace: I apologize, but I must now use my full strength.

Wraith Soldiers

Anna: Prince, this is the cavern where there have been reports of monster sightings.

Anna: The soldiers are inspecting the inside of the cavern now.

Soldier: Report! The monsters inside the cavern have just begun to advance! I've confirmed corpse soldiers and mummies!

Anna: Why are there mummies from the desert in this cavern?

Anna: Prince, prepare for battle! We can't let these monsters outside!

Desert Soldier: Go forth, cursed soldiers. Obliterate the prince of this land!


Anna: It seems we've somehow defeated all the enemies in this cavern.

Anna: However, we have reports of sightings of soldiers from the desert kingdom in the cavern.

Anna: There are mummies among the enemy troops, so I'm afraid they may be assassins from the desert kingdom.

Soldier: A message! There are enemies at the royal castle! Please return at once!

Anna: Prince, let us return quickly to the royal castle!

Desert Soldier: So we've lost the first battle...

Desert Soldier: It's said that the prince of this land is skilled in battle, but in the next battle we will surely have his head!

Assault on the Capital

Soldier: Until the prince's party returns, defend! Defend to the end!

Desert Soldier: (If we just take this castle, then we only need to capture the prince.)

Soldier: What strength! At this rate...

Anna: Everyone, you endured well!

Soldier: Miss Anna! And the prince! Everyone! The prince has returned!

Desert Soldier: (Something's changed with the enemy troops? I see, so the prince has returned.)

Desert Soldier: I'll fight in this battle, too!

Desert Soldier: If we take down the royal castle, victory is ours! All together now!

Anna: Prince, battle preparations are finished. Requesting orders for the counterattack!


Desert Soldier: Argh, is this as far as we go... Retreat!

Horace: A fantastic battle. Truly you are the pride of your kingdom as a warrior.

Desert Soldier: Madame Horace! So you were here. I apologize. Unfortunately, we have lost.

Desert Soldier: However, we were successful in weakening the enemy's battle strength. If you push just a little more, you can win!

Horace: Even if I can win...

Horace: What we are trying to achieve is the same as the monsters who attacked the desert kingdom.

Horace: Next we'll be the ones who are hated.

Desert Soldier: Madame Horace, don't give up. There is no choice left to us but to win this battle.

Desert Soldier: If we can free the hostages and restore our homeland, then we should have a chance to fight back against the monsters.

Horace: You're right. Now we can only act.

Horace: Tonight I will commence the final battle. Everyone, follow me.

Desert Soldier: We will. We'll be with you wherever you go. Even if you use the power of evil.

Horace: Thank you. All this for one such as me...

Horace: Let us begin battle preparations. In tonight's battle we lay everything on the line!

Final Battle in the Dark Night X

Soldier: Message! A large enemy force is marching this way! I believe their numbers are the largest we've seen!

Anna: Prince, looking at the enemy numbers I'm afraid this may be the final battle.

Horace: Failure cannot be allowed. For the people waiting in our homeland!

Desert Soldier: We desert soldiers are legion. Victory is certainly ours!

Horace: I will unleash the true power of this sword. I will show you our true strength and purpose.


Horace: Argh! We are utterly defeated...

Horace: We who became tools of the monsters to save ourselves, never had any right to win.

Horace: I am deeply sorry. Although I understand this is not a problem to be fixed with an apology...

Desert Soldier: Madame Horace...

Horace: I accept any punishment. I've been prepared since I left my homeland...

Horace: If I have one regret, it is the people left in the homeland.

Horace: Once the monsters learn of our defeat, what treatment awaits them...

Prince: ...

Prince: Anna, make ready for an expedition. We go to rescue the desert kingdom.

Anna: Prince...

Anna: Hehe, I figured you would say something like that, Prince.

Anna: I will begin arrangements for the expedition.

Anna: Let's leave as soon as preparations are finished. To the desert kingdom, where a new enemy resides.

Battle in the Scorching Desert G

Anna: It's hot... I've heard tell, but this really is a harsh environment.

Soldier: Enemy raid! Enemy raid!

Anna: Prince, prepare to counterattack!

Anna: The troops on this expedition are exhausted.

Anna: The units you send out will fight with lowered HP.

Anna: Be careful when they are set near an enemy!


Anna: We managed to win somehow.

Anna: We were able to experience for ourselves that fighting in this harsh environment requires plenty of preparation.

Anna: Let us return to this land soon!

Video Guides Edit

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  • sennen war (5, 8, 9) - Uses event plats
  • KeyKii (5,8,9 )- Uses event units.
  • VP Games Playlist - Uses event units and 30% damage reduction for maps 5, 8, and 9
  • Poor Troopers: Playlist - Uses event units + Spica for maps 5, 8, and 9

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