The Iron Sword Fist
The Iron Sword Fist
Mission Type Story Mission
Charisma Cost 60
EXP 889
Base Gold (3★ Gold) 3080 (4620)
Life 3
Initial Unit Points 10
Deployed Unit Limit 10
Number of Enemies 55
Prerequisite Invitation to the Magic City
Unlocks The Iron Ax Fist
Destroy the uncontrollable
golems and save the
Inhabitants of the magic city.


The Iron Sword Fist is the second mission in the Magic City chapter of Story Missions.

Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Lesser Demon
Lesser Demon ×2
Ranged (10)
Physical 2835 350 70
MR 40
Initial: 24
Move: 7
Missile: instant
1 UP
Paralyzes target after 6 hits. Paralyzed units are ignored by enemies.
Red Crystal
Red Crystal ×28
Ranged (130)
Magic 3150 200 250
MR 50
Initial: 35
Missile: 8
1 UP
Doesn't stop to attack.
Blue Crystal
Blue Crystal ×5
Ranged (130)
Magic 3150 200 250
MR 50
Initial: 35
Missile: 8
1 UP
Doesn't stop to attack.
Wood Golem
Wood Golem ×18
Physical 9450 630 500
MR 20
Initial: 15
1 UP
Maid Golem
Maid Golem ×2
Physical 31500 2625 1500
MR 50
Initial: 80
3 UP

Dialogue Edit

The Iron Sword Fist

Zenmel: Man, being hidden is one thing. But there are so many golems outside. Will we just rot away here?

Sharon: I can continue my research without anyone disturbing me, so I will not be bored.

Zenmel: Hehehe, is that so? Even if our lives will not be saved, let's continue our research.

Zenmel: That will be the proof, that I have lived. That is true satisfaction.

Anna: So this is the magic city. What can I say... It seems to be even more impressive than expected.

Soldier: Many golems sighted in front! They are heading this way!

Sharon: There are some guys, that look like soldiers... Maybe we will be saved.

Zenmel: Hmmm. It seems like it. Hey, you there. The golems of the magic city are all underlings of the monsters.

Zenmel: The body in front of the tower is a maid golem, that once was used by the humans in the magic city. He is very powerful, so be careful.


Zenmel: Wow, we are saved. Thank you.

Anna: What has happened at the magic city? What is up with that huge group of golems...

Sharon: We heard from researchers, that the demon world is the source of them. It has been shown, that the far away demon world is closing in on this material world.

Anna: I wonder why the demon world is coming closer. It can't be, that the world itself is moving...

Sharon: That is right. Coming closer is just an expression, to make it easier to understand.

Sharon: The right expression is, that interference has been measured between the material world and the demon world.

Sharon: For example... The so called gate, that is connecting the material world and the demon world is being accidentally activated more often...

Sharon: And another part of the interference is, that the black magic coming from the demon world is getting stronger.

Zenmel: This has happened before, during the old Millennium War.

Zenmel: That could mean, that the monsters are starting to march again. Due to the investigation of the demon world, this guy... the demon master appeared.

Zenmel: Ah, I have talked quite a long time, haven't I? Much more important is now, that there are still survivors out there. Please. Lend me your strength.

Drops Edit

Soldier (Magic) A Icon
Soldier (Magic) A Lv. 29
Roy Icon
Roy Lv. 29
Zenmel Icon
Zenmel Lv. 29
Sharon Icon
Number of Drops 2 2 2
EXP 180 210 210+30

Both Maid Golems drop Zenmel. The left one of the initially appearing Red Crystals drops an iron mage. The ninth (last in the third group) Red Crystal drops the other iron mage. In each of the last two groups of Red Crystals, the last enemy drops Roy.

Video Guides Edit

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