The Princess, The Bandits, and The Capital of Evil Spirits

The Princess, The Bandits, and The Capital of Evil Spirits (姫と山賊と悪霊の都) is a collection based urgent mission that will run from 05/03/16 to 05/17/16.

Rewards Edit

This is a collection type event. The player earns rewards by collecting souls and will receive rewards based on the amount collected at the end of the event.

Citizens' Souls Reward Citizens' Souls Reward Citizens' Souls Reward
25 Imelia 45 Gold Armor 945 Platinum Armor
50 Skill +1 (2/10) 90 Spirit of Gold 990 Spirit of Platinum
100 Initial Level 10 135 Platinum Armor 1035 Crystal Shard
150 Skill +1 (3/10) 180 Spirit of Gold 1080 Spirit of Platinum
200 Cost -1 (-1) 225 Crystal Shard 1125 Gold Armor
250 Skill +1 (4/10) 270 Spirit of Platinum 1170 Spirit of Black
300 Cost -1 (-2) 315 Gold Armor 1215 Platinum Armor
400 Skill +1 (5/10) 360 Spirit of Platinum 1260 Spirit of Black
500 Initial Level 20 405 Platinum Armor 1305 Crystal Shard
600 Skill +1 (6/10) 450 Spirit of Black 1350 Spirit of Rainbow
700 Cost -1 (-3) 495 Crystal Shard 1395 Gold Armor
800 Skill +1 (7/10) 540 Spirit of Black 1440 Spirit of Platinum
900 Initial Level 30 585 Gold Armor 1485 Platinum Armor
1000 Skill +1 (8/10) 630 Spirit of Rainbow 1530 Spirit of Platinum
1100 Cost -1 (-4) 675 Platinum Armor 1575 Crystal Shard
1200 Initial Level 40 720 Spirit of Platinum 1620 Spirit of Black
1300 Skill +1 (9/10) 765 Crystal Shard 1665 Gold Armor
1400 Cost -1 (-5) 810 Spirit of Platinum 1710 Spirit of Black
1500 Skill +1 (10/10) 855 Gold Armor 1755 Platinum Armor
1600 Initial Level 50 900 Spirit of Black 1800 Spirit of Rainbow

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Max Souls
Sta Life Enemies
The Princess and The Bandits 20 150 1200 10 8 Soul x2 Bergan lv5 2
1 10 17 - -
Imprisoned Souls 30 200 1500 10 8 Soul Soul (3) 4
2 10 23 Barrad lv8 -
Capital of Evil Spirits 40 300 2250 10 8 Soul x3 Soul (3) x2 9
4 10 44 Lauren lv12 Eunice lv12
Artillery Monsters X 50 350 2700 10 8 Soul x4 Soul (5) 9
5 10 33 Elaine lv15 Platinum Armor
King of the Dead G 100 200 1800 10 8 Spirit of Gold Spirit of Platinum -
2 5 93 Spirit of Black Completion: Spirit of Rainbow
Hollow Monster 35 220 1650 10 8 Soul x3 Soul (5) 8
3 10 46 Calliope lv12 Verotte lv12
Army of the Dead X 50 320 2400 10 8 Soul (3) x2 Soul (5) x2 16
5 10 61 Phyllis lv15 Giovanni lv15
Reunion G 60 380 3000 0 8 Soul Soul (3) 24
7 10 59 Soul (5) x4 Completion: Spirit of Rainbow

Drop RatesEdit

Disclaimer: Numbers are unofficial and come from here.

Map Drops Average Soul per Stamina
The Princess and The Bandits Soul (2x60%) Bergan (100%) - - 1.2
Imprisoned Souls Soul (10%) 3xSoul (100%) Barrad (10%) - 1.55
Capital of Evil Spirits Soul (3x55%) 3xSoul (2x80%) Lauren (10%) Eunice (10%) 1.6125
Artillery Monsters X Soul (4x85%) 5xSoul (90%) Elaine (10%) Platinum Armor (10%) 1.58
King of the Dead G Spirit of Gold (50%)* Spirit of Platinum (10%)* Spirit of Black (5%)* - -
Hollow Monster Soul (3x85%) 5xSoul (45%) Calliope (10%) Verotte (10%) 1.6
Army of the Dead X 3xSoul (2x100%) 5xSoul (2x30%) Phyllis (10%) Giovanni (10%) 1.8
Reunion G Soul (100%) 3xSoul (100%) 5xSoul (4x50%) - 2

*First drop is guaranteed

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy damage and HP are scaled depending on the mission:

Map Strength Special Case
The Princess and The Bandits 80% none
Imprisoned Souls 85% none
Capital of Evil Spirits 90% none
Artillery Monsters X 100% none
King of the Dead G 105% none
Hollow Monster 90% none
Army of the Dead X 100% none
Reunion G 110% none

New Edit

Enemy Unit
Imelia Enemy
Melee Physical 5600 (M1) 280 (M1) 100 172
Initial: 36
? UP
Ranged (9) Magic 4000 40 60
MR 20
Initial: 4
Move: 1
Missile: instant
1 UP
Big Pumpkin
Big Pumpkin
Ranged (13) Magic 8000 80 130
MR 20
Initial: 4
Move: 1
Missile: instant
1 UP

Returning Edit

Enemy Unit
Ranged (120)
Physical 800 250 50 111
Initial: 30
Move: 61
Missile: 2
1 UP
Skeleton Swordsman
Skeleton Swordsman
Physical 1000 300 120 161
Initial: 10
1 UP
Skeleton Lancer
Skeleton Lancer
Physical 3000 600 220 181
Initial: 37
1 UP
Lich King
King of the Dead
Ranged (250)
Magic 13000 700 350 191
Initial: 40
Move: 71
Missile: instant
3 UP

15000 1200 500 211
Initial: 40
Move: 91
Missile: instant
Has an aura.
Small Lich
Small Lich
Ranged (160)
Magic 3000 150 150 145
Initial: 40
Move: 61
Missile: instant
? UP

Dialogue Edit

The Princess and The Bandits

Bandit: People are coming, Ladyship! I wonder if they have any valuables...

???: Damnit! How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Ladyship!? Call me Chief.

???: For crying out loud! Now I'm in a bad mood. So, what kind of people are they?

Bandit: They're wearing some really jangly and hot-looking clothes. You can't move around dressed like that!

Bandit: We can totally take 'em!

???: (Oh boy. This is what you get with a bad upbringing...)

???: Hmm. Maybe they're from a good family. Okay! Time to work!

Bandit: Aye!

(All bandits defeated)

Bandit: These... these guys are tooooouuggghh! Ladyship! These guys aren't messing around!

???: I told you to call me Chief!

???: Ooh, we lost... Ummm... Sorry! I apologize about before so let's just forget it!

???: Hey, all of you apologize at once!

Bandit: Sorry for attacking you like that! Sorry!

???: Like you mean it!!

Bandit: Please forgive us. We are sorry...

Anna: ...

(Pumpkins appear)

Pumpkin Monster: Found her. Found her. It's the princess. Take her soul...!

???: Huh...!! Him...!! He's here...!

Anna: Where did that monster come from...? I've never seen it around here.

???: Hey, you over there! I'm really sorry about before! I apologized, so can you take down this monster?

???: If not, we'll all lose our souls!

Anna: What!? Lose our souls...!? I don't really understand, but it must be a dangerous monster. Let's fight it.

Imelia's Introduction

Imelia: Thank you for saving me back there! My name is Imelia.

Imelia: I was actually born and raised as the princess of a nation far from here.

Imelia: My nation is a huge city that was once the peak of prosperity.

Imelia: The people were full of spirit... I thought it would last forever.

Imelia: But one day a nightmare suddenly came...

Imelia: It was the day of a big celebration in the nation. Every year on that day the children of the city would wear costumes, visit homes, and get candy from adults.

Imelia: Everyone thought that Pumpkin Monster was just a costume. They let down their guard...

Imelia: By the time we noticed the people of the city, the soldiers, everyone had their souls taken out...

Imelia: There was nothing I could do. The only thing I could do was run away...

Imelia: I want to get the nation's people's souls back somehow. I want to save the people..!

Imelia: I'm asking you, Prince. Lend me your strength!

Imprisoned Souls

Anna: Huh...! Just who are those people...?

Imelia: Everyone from the city. They look like empty husks with their souls removed... They don't respond no matter how much you call to them...

Anna: Is that so...? Is there a way to get the people's souls back?

Imelia: Their souls are inside the lantern that the Pumpkin Monster has. We should be able to retrieve the souls if we defeat the monster...!

Anna: I see. Understood. Prince, let us help these people.

Capital of Evil Spirits

Imelia: There are many small roads in this area. Where will they appear...?

Anna: We must stay alert while we fight.

Anna: Prince, prepare for battle!

Artillery Monsters X

Soldier: Enemy attack! Enemy attack!

Anna: Ack... The enemies are still coming! Fight back!

Soldier: Report! Enemies with cannons have appeared on the front lines!

Imelia: Him...! Watch out! If that monster hits you with a cannon ball, everyone around you will get caught in the explosion!

Anna: I see. Prince, send a messenger to the front!

King of the Dead G

Imelia: This is the center of the city. We finally made it here.

Anna: But... The air feels heavy somehow.

King of the Dead: Hehehe. You humans actually made it this far. You've done rather well.

Imelia: Who are you...!?

King of the Dead: I am the King of the Dead... These folish citizens are fuel for my power.

King of the Dead: Isn't it wonderful? They've become a part of me. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Imelia: Foolish? A part of you... That's terrible! What... What do you think people are!?

Anna: Prince, let us defeat this enemy quickly and retrieve the citizens' souls!

King of the Dead: Now I will have you face my army of the dead. This should be an enjoyable fight.

(All enemies defeated)

King of the Dead: You humans have some fight after all. I will pull back for now. But next time I will make your souls mine!

Imelia: Ah! Hey! Waaaaiiitt! Give back everyone's souls!!

Anna: Calm down, Imelia. If we chase him now it will only wear out our troops.

Anna: We haven't retrieved all of the people's souls yet.Let us focus on quickly getting the rest back.

Imelia: Yeah... You're right.I'll get those souls back and make this a happy and prosperous nation again!"

Hollow Monsters

Anna: The air feels heavy somehow.

Soldier: Report! It seems the Pumpkin Monster suddenly disappeared and reappeared somewhere else...

Soldier: The front lines appear to be in chaos!

Anna: Prince, watch the monsters' movements!

Army of the Dead X

King of the Dead: Hehehe. There you are, humans.

Imelia: You...! I'll no longer let you do as you like with our nation!

King of the Dead: Fuahaha! Well said. Now, I will make this place your grave. You should be thankful you can at least die in your nation!

Anna: Prince, let us fight!! We have to save the people of this nation!

(All enemies defeated)

Anna: We managed to defeat him.

Imelia: Thank you... Prince, everyone, thank you so much for saving our nation...

Imelia: The enemies are defeated, now I have to restore the kingdom. I still have many things to do as a princess!

Reunion G

???: What is this? Jeez... These pumpkins don't give up...!

Imelia: Big sister Anelia!! I knew you were here.

Anelia: Imelia! What are you doing here?!

Imelia: Well. You're my big sister so I knew I couldn't go too far away.

Anelia: Um... that's kind of an aggravating tone.

King of the Dead: My-my. Mind if I step in while you're getting so friendly?

Imelia: You...! I thought we beat you...!

King of the Dead: Fuaha-ha-ha! You thought you'd be rid of me so easily? My body may decay, but my soul is immortal. I will rise again and again!!

Imelia: He really won't give up. Sis, it was this guy, he stole everyone in the city's souls.

Anelia: How pitiful that he can't die. Someone like him, we should just kill him over and over.

Anelia: Stand back, Imelia. You can't screw up and get hurt.

Imelia: Aw, Sis! I'm tougher than you think. I'm fine! I can fight!

King of the Dead: Such beautiful sisterly love. Fuahaha. Enjoy your reunion now. I will soon show you true hopelessness.

Anna: Prince, he's coming! Intercept him!

(All enemies defeated)

King of the Dead: Graaaaahhh!!!!

King of the Dead: Agh... I'll remember you, Prince. I will come back to this world. Remember that...!

Imelia: All finished.

Anelia: Prince, everyone, thank you. It also seems you took care of Imelia. Was she much trouble?

Imelia: Hey! Don't treat me like a child!

Imelia: But, I really do owe the Prince and his friends. Thanks!

Anna: Think nothing of it. We were happy we could help. We hope you can rebuild the kingdom quickly.

Anelia: Yes. I'm sure it will be difficult,but Imelia and I will do our best.

Imelia: Hehe. Despite our looks, we are princesses!

Bandit: Ladyshiiippp! We were worried and came running.

Bandit: Are you leaving, Ladyship...?

Imelia: Chief, not Ladyship!

Imelia: I'm gonna be really busy now. You guys will all have things to do, too!

Bandit: Chief! We're with you!!

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