This page will serve as a running list of the units and events that the Nutaku version of Aigis should have, but don't - for one reason or another.

Note that just because a unit/event is listed here does not mean that we will never receive them.

Skipped Events Edit

Save the Witch! (魔女を救え!) Edit

A farm event for Cloris.

Replaced with the Tutorial Missions.

Eastern Warrior (東方の戦士) Edit

Farm/collection event for Demon Crystals.

Skipped because we've had the Trading Post and Thursday daily mission from the start.

Gold Rush 2 (ゴールドラッシュ) Edit

200k players breakthrough 2nd gold rush with Fairy Village Archer Spica rewarded for getting 3 stars and completion on all 7 missions.

Gold Rush 3 (ゴールドラッシュ) Edit

3rd gold rush with Artillery Officer Gianna rewarded for getting 3 stars and completion on all 7 missions.

Gold Rush 4 (ゴールドラッシュ) Edit

500k players breakthrough 4th gold rush with Sailor Viera rewarded for getting 3 stars and completion on all 7 missions.

Anna and the Snow Beauty (アンナと雪の美女) Edit

Farm event for Eliza.

Shadow of the Devil King (魔王の影) Edit

3rd subjugation/total domination type event with Gold Armor, Percis, Platinum Armor and 50DC as one time rewards and spirit Happy for those that killed at least 1000 enemies giving 150k exp (total server kills : 2000 with 150k exp upper limit).

Soothing Treasure (癒しの至宝) Edit

Collection event for Liana. Liana was changed to a Gacha unit as a replacement for Black Iris.

Missing Units Edit

Class Silver Gold Platinum Black Sapphire Total
Avenger 1 1
Chrono Witch 1 1
Dancer 1 1
Fox Spirit 1 1
Maid 1 1
Mage 1 1
Princess 1 1
Witch 1 1
Total 0 1 3 0 4 8

Eliza (Platinum Witch) Edit


Eliza Render

Hana (Platinum Dancer)Edit

Added as a temporary story mission drop for 1 million players breakthrough.


Hana Render

Hikage (Sapphire Maid) Edit

Serial code unit for the second light novel volume.


Hikage Render

Kaguya (Sapphire Princess) Edit

Serial code unit for the first light novel volume.


Kaguya Render

Mordiberte (Platinum Mage) Edit


Moldevort Render

Lizette (Sapphire Chrono Witch) Edit

Serial code for her was distributed for premium nico nico members during special broadcast.


Risette Render

Tamamo (Sapphire Fox Spirit)Edit

Serial code reward from magazine collaboration


Tama Render

Zaram (Gold Avenger)Edit

Introduced as completion reward in 4th Gold Rush and later added to Trading Post.


Zaram Render

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