All unit types with units of each rarity:

Units by Type/ClassEdit

Melee Units
Class Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Black
Soldier (Unit) A Icon
Soldier (Unit) B Icon
Desert Soldier Icon
Hector Icon
Leo Icon
Atla Icon
Hashim Icon
Phyllis Icon
Crave Icon
Rosalie Icon
Gustav Icon
Assal Icon
Aria Icon
Katie Icon
Julian Icon
Jerome Icon
Zenobia Icon
Altia Icon
Cecily Icon
Harissa Icon
Barrad Icon
Cuterie Icon
Betty Icon
Cypria Icon
Ada Icon
Berna Icon
Bandit Minion A Icon
Bandit Minion B Icon
Bergan Icon
Eunice Icon
Mortimer Icon
Conrad Icon
Lyla Icon
Cellia Icon
Imelia Icon
Lolonee Icon
Amanda Icon
Elaine Icon
Misha Icon
Kerry Icon
Dahlia Icon
Thetis Icon
Emilia Icon
Clissa Icon
Heavy Infantry
Soldier (Heavy) A Icon
Soldier (Heavy) B Icon
Russell Icon
Leeanne Icon
Bernard Icon
Bernice Icon
Garrett Icon
Gellius Icon
Maribel Icon
Miranda Icon
Deine Icon
Diina Icon
Themis Icon
Lilia Icon
Sherry Icon
Claudia Icon
Sybilla Icon
Olivie Icon
Foot Soldier Icon
Yojiro Icon
Sanosuke Icon
Iroha Icon
Chizuru Icon
Kojuro Icon
Akane Icon
Sakuya Icon
Shizuka Icon
Momiji Icon
Ninja (Unit) Icon
Hayate Icon
Saizo Icon
Kagero Icon
Hien Icon
Azami Icon
Hina Icon
Saki Icon
Nagi Icon
Dorothy Icon
Rowanna Icon
Pegasus Rider
Stella Icon
Liddy Icon
Esther Icon
Advance Guard
Uzume Icon
Shuka Icon
Matsuri Icon
Niel Icon
Erun Icon
Chloe Icon
Sophie Icon
Dan Icon
Gina Icon
Momo Icon
Lynn Icon
Uru Icon
Magic Fencer
Ricardo Icon
Cassis Icon
Anemone Icon
Charlotte Icon
Horace Icon
Sabinne Icon
Marie Icon
Viera Icon
Priest Warrior
Ertel Icon
Ellett Icon
Flamel Icon
Sera Icon
Mage Armor
Lyche Icon
Jessica Icon
Grace Icon
Dark Fighter
Elva Icon
Yurina Icon
Cornelia Icon
Dark Knight Icon
Dragon Soldier
Ryujin Soldier Icon
Gadoras Icon
Dorania Icon
Fox Spirit
Inari Icon
Bow Rider
Daisy Icon
Rion Icon
Dragon Rider
Abel Icon
Lucille Icon
Elenia Icon
Sword Master
Sandra Icon
Gloria Icon
Raven Icon
Royal Guard
Alicia Icon

Ranged Units
Class Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Black
Soldier (Bow) A Icon
Soldier (Bow) B Icon
Ars Icon
Wilfred Icon
Daniela Icon
Soma Icon
Kazuha Icon
Lauren Icon
Stray Icon
Shao Icon
Claire Icon
Bella Icon
Bashira Icon
Victoria Icon
Spica Icon
Rita Icon
Nanaly Icon
Calliope Icon
Naynia Icon
Merone Icon
Cloris Icon
Yuyu Icon
Ryuryu Icon
Adele Icon
Belinda Icon
Fignelia Icon
Despara Icon
Soldier (Magic) A Icon
Soldier (Magic) B Icon
Roy Icon
Zenmel Icon
Valerie Icon
Pallis Icon
Mehlis Icon
Barbastroff Icon
Cyrus Icon
Garania Icon
Odette Icon
Sasha Icon
Estelle Icon
Alissa Icon
Dorca Icon
Christopher Icon
Fedora Icon
Iris Icon
Robert Icon
Camilla Icon
Chydis Icon
Salia Icon
Liana Icon
Elyse Icon
Vampire Hunter
Khuri Icon
Vincent Icon
Elizabeth Icon
Fran Icon
Sue Icon
Pirate Minion Icon
Maullo Icon
Giovanni Icon
Verotte Icon
Monica Icon
Maurette Icon
Rachel Icon
Beatrice Icon
Anelia Icon
Minerva Icon
Shiho Icon
Kagura Icon
Kikyo Icon
Fudo Icon
Sharon Icon
Noel Icon
Marius Icon
Paula Icon
Patra Icon
Rear Guard
Len Icon
Aisha Icon
Solano Icon
Farne Icon
Yin Yang Master
Mikoto Icon
Feng Shui User
Krile Icon
Marr Icon
Mia Icon
Pippin Icon
Marnie Icon
Waltz Icon
Artillery Officer
Percis Icon
Zola Icon
Mel Icon
Kanon Icon
Fuuka Icon
Ricola Icon
Memento Icon
Agnes Icon
Telma Icon
Colin Icon
Sheryl Icon
Leda Icon
Anita Icon
Laurier Icon
Pupuru Icon
Curse User
Eva Icon

Event Classes [1]
Class Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Black
Dragon Shaman
Echidna Icon
Dragon Princess
Anya Icon
Vampire/Immortal Princess
Karma (Platinum) Icon
Karma (Black) Icon
Rika Icon
Vampire Lord
Eden Icon
Dark Priest
Verdinate Icon

Fodder Units
Type Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Black
Aena Icon
Sarah Icon
Cyrille Icon
Nina Icon
Bonded Nina Icon
Celia Icon
Bonded Celia Icon
Florika Icon
Christia Icon
Fleur Icon
Gladys Icon
Victoire Icon
Bonded Florika Icon
Gold Armor Icon
Platinum Armor Icon

Units by RarityEdit

All Units
Rarity Icon
Unique Prince Icon
Iron Bandit Minion A IconBandit Minion B IconDesert Soldier IconFoot Soldier IconNinja (Unit) IconSoldier (Heavy) A IconSoldier (Heavy) B IconSoldier (Unit) A IconSoldier (Unit) B IconPirate Minion IconSoldier (Bow) A IconSoldier (Bow) B IconSoldier (Magic) A IconSoldier (Magic) B Icon
Bronze Hector IconLeo IconAtla IconHashim IconBergan IconRussell IconYojiro IconHayate IconArs IconWilfred IconRoy IconMaullo IconRyujin Soldier IconZenmel Icon
Silver Phyllis IconCrave IconRosalie IconGustav IconAssal IconCecily IconHarissa IconBarrad IconEunice IconMortimer IconElaine IconMisha IconLeeanne IconBernard IconSanosuke IconSaizo IconNiel IconRicardo IconErtel IconDaniela IconSoma IconKazuha IconLauren IconCalliope IconValerie IconPallis IconAlissa IconDorca IconChristopher IconKhuri IconGiovanni IconVerotte IconPercis IconGadoras IconKagero IconNaynia IconDan IconIroha IconFudo IconCassis IconSharon IconMerone IconTelma Icon
Gold Aria IconKatie IconJulian IconCuterie IconBetty IconConrad IconKerry IconBernice IconGarrett IconThemis IconChizuru IconKojuro IconStella IconGina IconMarie IconStray IconShao IconCloris IconYuyu IconMehlis IconBarbastroff IconCyrus IconFedora IconIris IconRobert IconVincent IconMonica IconZola IconMel IconAnemone IconClaire IconNoel IconDorothy IconFuuka IconErun IconRyuryu IconEllett IconKrile IconBella IconHien IconMomo IconLeda IconMaurette IconAbel IconLaurier IconLyche Icon
Platinum Jerome IconZenobia IconCypria IconAda IconLyla IconCellia IconImelia IconDahlia IconThetis IconGellius IconMaribel IconLilia IconSherry IconClaudia IconAkane IconSakuya IconShizuka IconMomiji IconAzami IconHina IconLiddy IconUzume IconShuka IconLynn IconUru IconCharlotte IconHorace IconSabinne IconViera IconBashira IconVictoria IconSpica IconRita IconAdele IconBelinda IconGarania IconOdette IconSasha IconCamilla IconChydis IconElizabeth IconRachel IconBeatrice IconAnelia IconMarius IconLen IconSolano IconMarr IconMarnie IconWaltz IconEchidna IconKarma (Platinum) IconRowanna IconShiho IconRika IconFlamel IconMemento IconAgnes IconJessica IconEmilia IconElva IconLolonee IconMia IconLucille IconPupuru IconFignelia IconKagura IconColin IconEden IconSandra IconInari IconDaisy IconSheryl IconPaula IconFran IconGloria IconMiranda IconElenia IconRaven IconVerdinate IconYurina IconAlicia IconEva IconPippin IconKanon IconSalia IconPatra IconChloe IconSera IconRicola IconAnita Icon
Black Berna IconClissa IconDeine IconDiina IconSybilla IconOlivie IconSaki IconSophie IconNanaly IconDespara IconLiana IconElyse IconMinerva IconAisha IconFarne IconMikoto IconAnya IconDorania IconKarma (Black) IconCornelia IconDark Knight IconGrace IconEstelle IconSue IconMatsuri IconNagi IconEsther IconKikyo IconRion IconAltia IconAmanda Icon


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  1. The units under 'Event Classes' refer to unit classes that currently not acquirable through either the Shrine or Trading Post. Some of this classes may be acquirable through Shrine or Trading Post in the future

Last update 8/09/2017

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