Notice: Maintenance Complete

Thank you for playing Millennium War Aigis.

The maintenance that began on April 3, 2015 (Fri.) 3:00 was successfully completed as of 6:00 (EST).

Maintenance Details
Limited Time Event
- The Urgent Missions "Ryujin Invasion" begins

Sacred Crystal New Prices

Other Changes
- Changed the Unit boosted in Premium Summon
- "Apprentice Wizard Mehlis", "Mystery Seeker Garania" added to Summon.

Easter Egg Present Campaign
- All users who resgister before 3rd April (Friday)03:00(EST) will be gifted with an [Easter Egg] which has stamina recovery effect.

Bug Fixes
- Various text fixes

Notes on the Sealed Drania unit (reward of Ryujin Invasion)
Please pay attention not to release Sealed Drania unit in order to get Dragon Princess Anya. 
Those units, which are required to change Drania's class to Dragon Princess Anya, will be received in later part of mission, called “Return of Dragon Princess”

When restarting a game following maintenance, please be sure to clear your browser's cache before playing.

Thank you for your cooperation while the game was undergoing maintenance.

We are working very hard to provide smooth, uninterrupted service.
We hope you continue to enjoy Millennium War Aigis.

The Millennium War Aigis Operation Team

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