Warmaiden's Oath

Warmaiden's Oath (戦乙女の契約) is a farming-based urgent mission that will run from 8/16/16 to 8/23/16.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Special Conditions
Sta Life Enemies
War Maiden's Challenge 20 140 750 20 8 Emilia lv5 Bandit Minion lv5 -
1 10 32 Soldier (Magic) lv5 -
Knight's Arrow 25 180 1125 25 8 Elaine lv8 Ars lv8 Cannot use Heavy Infantry
2 10 25 Demon Crystal (1) -
Battle Line of Mounted Archers 30 220 1500 25 8 Saizo lv10 Verotte lv10 Cannot use Melee Units
3 10 20 Leo lv10 x2 -
Heavy Armor Knights 40 300 2250 25 8 Emilia lv12 Ricardo lv12 Cannot use Healers
5 10 26 Spirit of Platinum Demon Crystal (1)
Final Battle 55 420 2700 25 10 Emilia lv15 Barrad lv15 -
7 10 47 Dorca lv15 Demon Crystal (1) x2
Cavalry Invasion 100 200 1500 5 8 Spirit of Gold Spirit of Platinum Initial deployment HP 20%
2 10 49 Spirit of Black Completion: Spirit of Rainbow

Drop RatesEdit

Notable EnemiesEdit

Enemy Unit
Melee Physical 5400 (M1) 405 (M1) 100
MR 10
Initial: 24
3 UP
Killing Emilia is not needed to 3-star the first mission.
9000 (M4) 600 (M4) 300
MR 10

12350 (M5) 1045 (M5) 700
MR 10
3 UP
Has an aura.
Heavy Armor Knight
Heavy Armor Knight
Physical 2800 600 1000 220
Initial: 36
2 UP
Horse Archer
Horse Archer
Ranged (120) Physical 1400 250 60 157
Initial: 20
Move: 121
Missile: 3
1 UP
From M2/M3
2000 450 100 From M5
Pegasus Rider
Pegasus Rider
Ranged (40)
Physical 1500 500 80
MR 20
Initial: 16
Move: 21
Missile: instant
1 UP
Green Skeleton Cavalry
Green Skeleton Cavalry
Physical 2800 750 280 160
Initial: 24
2 UP
Red Skeleton Cavalry
Red Skeleton Cavalry
Physical 8000 900 400 160
Initial: 24
2 UP

Dialogue Edit

War Maiden's Challenge

Soldier: Sir! A monster attack! There are a lot of them!

Anna: Prince, let's meet them quickly!

(Valkyrie appears)

???: I see... So this much is nothing to them.

Anna: Who are you...!?

???: I came to see the strength of the Prince said to be chosen by the Goddess Aigis.

Anna: Prince, they're coming. We have to face them.

Emilia's Introduction

Emilia: Just was rude without any self-introduction. Once again, my name is Emilia. In response to the revelation of God, I came up here.

Emilia: Prince that was elected to the Goddess Aigis, seems no doubt in you.

Emilia: Chosen prince, descendants of the hero. Apparently it seems not only the handle to your name.

Emilia: I have also intended to defeat the monster. Therefore there is no reason to hostile to the prince with the same purpose. But rather cooperative.

Emilia: But, we can not that cooperation simply. I want to see your power in this eyes.

Emilia: As a Warmaiden, I have seen a lot of the brave. If possible to convince me, I'll serve you.

Emilia: But, It is a case of when you were able to convince. If you can overcome the challenges that I give, It will recognize the prince as my owner.

Knight's Arrow

Emilia: I'll have you fight the mounted archers here. However, deploying armor is forbidden.

Emilia: Normally absorbing arrows with shields or armor works... But I want to see if you're still able to fight when that is taken away.

Battle Line of Mounted Archers

Emilia: You were able to face my knights so well... It seems you're actually pretty good.

Emilia: But let's see how you stop fast moving knights without melee fighters!

Heavy Armor Knights

Emilia: Just as before, you are a formidable adversary.

Emilia: Next you'll face my heavy armored knights. But healing is forbidden.

Emilia: Now show me how long you can hold out against heavy armor knights with high defense.

Final Battle

Emilia: You are certainly the chosen of the Goddess Aigis... You are the strongest hero I've seen by far.

Emilia: Now I will fight my hardest, as well.

Emilia: I will have you face a head-to-head battle between melee fighters...!


Emilia: Unbelievable... I suppose I have to acknowledge your strength.

Emilia: I promise. As I said at first, I will help the Prince.

Emilia: I want to use my strength to help the one I acknowledge. I pledge myself to you, Prince.

Cavalry Invasion

Soldier: Sir! Many knights are appearing in the desert!

Anna: A battle in the desert makes me worry about the knights' endurance. This land is burning up... Prince, be mindful of your strength.

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